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Electrical Stimulation As A Method Of Hair Loss Treatment

Darsonvalism is a type of electrical stimulation, which is based on application of impulsive magnetic oscillations of high frequency. Electric discharges, affecting a skin and its receptors, cause relaxation of muscles, that’s why blood vessels become more dilated. This is a therapeutic intervention of d’arsonvalization.

D’arsonvalization of a scalp is executed by an electrode, which is made in the form of a hairbrush and which doctor slowly moves from a forehead to back of the head.

UHF-field is a medical use of an electromagnetic field of ultrahigh frequency which has high enough penetrating ability. UHF-field is used for hair loss, itch, xeroderma or oily skin treatment. Procedure is made by an electrode, which is made in the form of a hairbrush.

Ultra sound. This procedure is based on using elastic waves (above 20 kHz). You will feel nothing, because ear becomes incapable of appreciating the sound, which frequencies are out of earshot. It has mechanical, thermal, physical-mechanical influence (micromassage of cells and tissues), activate exchange processes.

Different pharmaceutical substances can be entered into tissues by means of ultrasound (phonophoresis).

Heliotherapy (phototherapy or light treatment). This method is based on irradiation. Miracle properties of a sunlight it is mentioned even in works of Avicenna.

Light spectrum is composed of three parts: infra-red, visible, ultra-violet. Infrared rays have the greatest penetrating ability (even to 5 mm), visible rays penetrate on 3 millimeters, and ultra-violet rays penetrate on 1 mm. Infra-red and visible rays have mainly thermal influence on tissues:
— dilate blood vessels;
— stimulate secretion of sebaceous glands;
— relax muscles, causing general calming of an organism.

Ultra-violet (cold) rays:
— cause chemical reactions in a skin;
— have bactericidal effect (press vital functions of microorganisms).

It is recommended to use, if you have seborrhea or ringworm of scalp. Ultraviolet rays stimulate hair growth and increase maintenance of pigments in a skin, but it destroys hairs pigments, and in high doses accelerate process of skin ageing and can raise a risk of cancer.

Sensitivity of a skin to Ultraviolet rays is individual, that’s why before a course of an irradiation biologic dose is defined individually.

Cryotherapy (frigotherapy or psychotherapy) is a treatment by cold. It is used for causing easy inflammatory process in tissues, which also causes the strengthened inflow of blood.

Aeroionization of a collar zone.
Aeroionization is a treatment by ionized air. During a procedure the electrode-ionizer from the cathode (in the form of a collar) is established over a top part of a back. The second electrode (plate) from the anode is placed under foots of a patient.

Therapeutic application of heat.
Silt, sapropelic and peat therapeutic muds have therapeutic application.
Heliotherapy and aerotherapeutics. Sun and air baths are used for treatment, tempering of an organism and disease prevention. This type of treatment has great importance for maintenance a healthy condition of a skin.

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