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Essential Tools For DIY Nail Manicure at Home

Our beauty nails, like our hair and face, need special care and attention on regular basis. Nail manicure can not only make your nail pretty but also make them grow faster and be stronger. When many people are still crazy at going to nail care salon for nail beauty, DIY nail manicure at home can be advisable for you, no need to spend gas, time and money going to salon but get the same effect. The essential tools which will be used for you are a set of manicure drill file kit, nail polish and nail dryers.

A set of manicure drill file kit contains the main electric drill machine, hand piece, foot pedal, nail drill bites and manicure set which almost contains nail scissors, tweezers, nail file, clippers, nail pliers and nail cleaners. This kit can help to manicure the nails to be a beautiful square and clear appearance. You should read the instructions carefully before usage. It is easy for nail manicure but you should practice more. This kit often coats only US$40 but brings good effect.

After nail manicure, nail polish should be used. There are so various colors, types and brands of nail polish for you to choose. You can choose some in accordance with your favorites. It is easy and you can even by these in the small shop your home nearby. The only tip for choosing a nail polish is the coloring and how it matches with your dressing, makeup and skin.

Nail dryer is the final step and also very important. Many people don’t care much for the nail dryer and it troubles them a lot. If you go out anxiously without the nail getting dried, the nail polish will look clutter and dirty. It is often takes at least half an hour to get the nails dried without any drying tools. So a nail dryer is necessary for a perfect nail beauty process. Nail dryer is said to be a manicure miracle. You can buy one UV lamp nail dryer which can protect your nails and the nail beauty effects.

The perfect manicure starts with the right tools! So knowing these tools you should use is essential for the manicure well done. These three basic tools used in giving a manicure are suitable for both the professional and home manicurist. But not every time you will feel comfortable to using all these tools. Just make some adjustments and feel comfortable with them.

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