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Fight Alopecia With Perfect Diet

Circumscribed alopecia is a phenomenon of frequent occurrence. Everyone, who is at the age of 3 or more, can get it. Children and teenagers during spring period begin to suffer from it.

When you try to treat circumscribed alopecia, first of all, use methods of general therapy for correcting function changes in viscera, nervous and endocrine systems or disorder of metabolic process. for this purpose doctors prescribe bromatotherapy, valerian, tazepam, seduxen, vitamins A, B1, B2, B12, PP, E, C, folic acid, calcium pantothenate; medicines normalising functions of thyroid glands, adrenal cortex, sex glands etc. antibiotics or chemotherapeutical medicines and standard methods of sanitization it are recommended, if you have niduses of chronic infection. Ganglionitis of neck sympathetic ganglions, you should do injections of proserin, vitamin B1, you need also warming compresses with a solution of Ichthyol to neck area.

Microelements of zinc and copper as inorganic compounds are widely used against circumscribed alopecia during last years. It is offered to get it as a part of natural articles of food. The diet must be organised so that daily (during breakfast, dinner and supper) you eat products containing a considerable quantity of copper and zinc microelements. Simultaneously it is necessary to prescribe vitamin B6. Course of treatment consists of 3-month cycles with breaks between them, which will last 1 month. During breaks patients should use the most habitual products. The best products containing a considerable quantity of copper and microelements are liver of beef and cods, brain and marrow, fish (sheatfish, carp or bream), beef, pork, mutton, nuts, potatos, parsley, champignons, apples, spinach, carrots, cabbage, tomatos. There are many products containing a considerable quantity of a zinc microelement. Among them are wheat (grain), wheaten bran, grain of barley, corn, oats, bran of rice, red beet, swede, garden radish, cabbage, salad, sorrel, rhubarb, tomatoes, aubergines, onions, garlic, cucumbers, pumpkin, haricot beans, peas, soya, lentil, fish (bream, zander, sazan, sturgeon and pike), a liver of a goose, orange and lemon juice, grapes, nuts, mushrooms (brown cap boletus, agarics honey, champignons, yellow boletus). External irritating therapy is simultaneously used or you must rub 1 per cent ointment of diphenhydramine hydrochloride (or ointments containing others antihistamines) in nidi of alopecia or the ultra-violet irradiation with erythemal doses in 2-3 days.

Vegetative sedating medical products have an essential therapeutic effect.

Local therapy concentrates on a solving the problem of vasodilatation near nidi of circumscribed alopecia, which improves metabolism in tissues and in hair follicles. Use irritating medicines, including galenical phytogenesis remedies. Hyperemia and inflammatory process caused by irritating medicines should not be very intensive, try not to allow formations of bubbles on a skin, which can lead to atrophy of a skin. For hair stimulation rub alcoholature of capsicum, substances of onions and garlic.

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