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Folk Remedies Against A Hair Loss.

If hair falls, I advise without postponing to use recipes against a hair fall, because to stop process of loss easier, than to stimulate growth of new hair.

Folk remedies from a hair fall are masks, tinctures, structures for rubbing in hair are considered as the best folk remedies against a hair fall.

The Good folk remedy against a hair fall is to rub onions juice with cognac and broth of roots of a burdock. On one part of cognac it is necessary to take four parts of onions juice and six parts of broth of roots of a burdock.

To stop a hair loss, it is necessary to wash once a week head with warm water and to rub a head with table salt handfuls approximately within 15 minutes. Then to rinse a head the same warm water.

A good remedy is greasing of head skin 5-10-percent vodka solution of tincture of a Sophora. The Sophora can be got in pharmacies, in the south it grows itself. Insist 21 day in a dark place, on 100 gr. a Sophora of half-liter of good vodka.

The ancient folk remedy from a hair fall is an infusion of chuga with which rubbed hair and a head skin. Now the ready solution under the name Befungin is on sale in drugstores can use also it in house conditions against a hair fall.

House masks from a hair loss.

1. The Glass of gathering from equal parts of a bark of an oak and onions peel fill in with 1 litter of boiled water and hold on fire 1 hour. Filter the broth and add pulp of black bread before reception pap. So the excellent house mask from a hair fall turns out. A warm mask rub in a head skin, then cover with a polyethylene hat and hold 1-2 hours then hair rinse warm water and dry on air. The hair fall quickly stops. Periodicity of application of this folk remedy from a hair fall is once a week.

2. To stop a hair loss, to strengthen their growth, in house conditions use a mask from the aloe leaves, prepared on a method of “biological stimulation». Prepare this folk remedy so: the bottom and average leaves of an aloe cut off, wash out boiled water, dry, turn in a paper and place in a refrigerator for 12 days. Then healthy leaves (turned black throw out) crush, juice squeeze out through a gauze and rub 1-2 times a week in a skin head parts.

3. An elementary mask will prevent a hair fall – a pap of onions or garlic. Cautiously rub in a skin 1 hour prior to head washing. For the same purpose frequently rub a head with the cut bulb – very simple house means from a hair fall.
Use these masks and you will never have problems with hair.

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