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Forgotten Types Of Alopecia

The bearers of secondary recurrent syphilis have alopecia syphilitica avec leukoderma. Hair loss can begin as a result of development of specific infiltrations in hair follicles in which pale treponemas are found, which leads to temporal malnutrition of hair and nidal los. The reason for diffuse alopecia is an intoxication, lesion of nervous and endocrine systems by syphilitic infection.

There is alopecia syphilitica areolaris, alopecia syphilitica diffusa, and alopecia syphilitica mixta.

Alopecia syphilitica areolaris is characterized by an appearance on the back of the head and at the temples of great number of small balds of a coin size, which have wrong- rounded form and are scattered on a head in disorder, not joining. It can be unexpectedly for the patient, who thinks, by the way, that he is absolutely healthy. Hair does not come out in nidus completely, because of this scalp becomes similar to moth-eaten fur. The skin in nidus is not inflamed and does not scale off. There are no subjective sensations in niduses. Women with long hair can screen out such manifestation of syphilis.

Not so often hair loss can be observed in the region of a beard, moustaches, axillary creases, eyebrows (omnibus, or tram syphilis) or eyelashes (a symptom of Pinkus’ disease), characterized by partial loss and stepped regrowth of eyelashes. That’s why it has uneven length.

Alopecia syphilitica diffusa usually begins at temples region and extends on the whole scalp. This type of baldness has no specific signs characteristic of a syphilis. It reminds diffuse hair loss, if you have some heavy infection. That’s why the majority of patients, even without thinking about syphilis, bring it into correlation with overfatigue, vitamin deficiency and other more “decorous” reasons. Attract attention sharp beginning of a process and rapid course of it, sometimes the quantity of remained hairs on a head or on pubis can be counted on one hand.

Alopecia syphilitica mixta represents a combination of alopecia syphilitica areolaris and alopecia syphilitica diffusa.

Any type of alopecia arises suddenly and progresses quickly. Growth of hair can be restored after 1-2 months after resorption of infiltrate. Hair loss can be stopped in 10-15 days, if you use antisyphilitic therapies. Hair will grow on bald areas during 6-8 weeks.

Making differential diagnostics doctor excludes secondary cicatricial alopecia, alopecia, caused by microsporia, trichophytosis and infectious diseases (enteric and spotted fever, etc.), premature alopecia and alopecia seborrheica and circumscribed alopecia.
Syphilitic alopecia is not so often met, that’s why even doctors can forget about it. And sick of syphilis buys expensive and absolutely useless in this case cosmetic remedies, wasting their money, even without thinking that they should visit the venereologist and get their blood tested, if they want to stop it.

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