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Get To Know All The Reasons Of Different Types Of Alopecia

In spite of the fact that the reasons for men’s and women’s alopecia are almost the same, experts think that for the fair sex the most typical one is reactive alopecia. This is alopecia, which starts as a reaction of an organism to various stressful factors, such as bad ecological conditions, or for example, malnutrition or nervous tension.

Different diseases can also be the reason of alopecia. For example, cicatrical alopecia can develop as a result of long skin illnesses, hair follicle becomes collapsed and you will get a fibrous tissue in place of it. The main sign of cicatricial alopecia is a smooth and shining skin of a scalp.

Frequent reason of alopecia, leading to hair loss at a young age is seborrhea. Quantitative and qualitative changes of sebaceous matter in case of long clinical course lead to a hair loss, to seborrheic alopecia.

Trichoclasia nodosa can become the reason of alopecia, this is a disease, because of which hair becomes fragile and comes out.

Deposition of such substance as mucin in follicular epithelium can start a developing of alopecia mucinosa. Foci of such type of alopecia usually have roundish form and on a skin there are pigment spots or eczemas and papulae.

Diencephalic syndrome can be the reason for alopecia; this is a syndrome developing after a trauma of hypothalamic area of brain.

It is also necessary to tell about the possibility of development of alopecia after a head skin trauma (the so-called Greenland alopecia), and about congenital loss of hair. Alopecia of last type has genetic roots and it is one of the most widespread reasons of early baldness.

By the way, premature or presenile alopecia is called hair loss at early age from 3 to 25-30 years. The reasons of premature alopecia more often are genetic or hormonal.

As far as alopecia is a hereditary illness, patients quite often ask, how to avoid it? Before giving an answer to this question, it is necessary to concretize it. What do you wish to avoid? Does alopecia disturb you as a prospect, because hair began to come out more actively? In this case it is necessary to consult an expert-trichologist: he will prescribe you a head massage as a prophylaxis of alopecia (by the way, points for massage against alopecia are known in eastern medicine), he will also recommend you special remedies and will help you to choose the balanced diet.

If your question is how to prevent alopecia, and you ask it when alopecia is already developing actively, the answer will be different: it is hardly possible to prevent it, genetics is a stubborn thing. But in the arsenal of modern trichology there are many remedies, which will help you to cure hair loss. Doctor can also do this surgically doing hair transplantation.

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