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Hair Growth And Hair Loss

Coming out of hair affects men and women in spite of their social status, age, well-being, and considerably influences their psychological state. Alopecia is a general term composed of different types of hair loss with various aetiology and pathogenesis, and it is not a disease entity, it is only a symptom. Patients of the doctor-trichologist are always interested in reasons, efficiency of treatment, rationality and terms.

Estimation and treatment of alopecia is very actual and significant part of aesthetic and medical services, both for the client of a hairdresser and a patient of trichologist. Every day hair on a head skin grows approximately on 0. 35 mm, during washing and combing you can shed from 20 to 80 hairs.

Each hair follicle independently passes through three phases of growth, that’s why physiological process of coming out remains unnoticed. Daily approximately 85-87 % of hair follicles on a head are in anagen phase аnd remain in this phase from 2 to 6 years. Then there is a transitional phase (catagen) of regress of follicles which usually affects 2-3 % of hair. And the last one is telogen phase, during which 10-12 % of follicles within 3 months are in a rest phase. Finishing this phase, inactive hair separates from skin. Abnormalities in the rhythm of hair growth will determine hair loss and its type. Possible and most often meeting reasons of telogen coming out of hair are physiological factors and influences of medicines and toxins.

It is possible to relate to physiological reasons:
1. physiological hair loss, which a newborn has;
2. coming out of hair after delivery;
3. trauma, stress;
4. long fever;
5. hard infection;
6. decompensated conditions at chronic diseases;
7. depressions, psychological stress;
8. difficult operation;
9. endocrinopathy;
10. elimination diet;
11. early stages of androgenic alopecia.

Medicines and the toxins causing hair loss are:
1. antithyroid drugs;
2. antikeratinizating substances;
3. anticonvulsants;
4. hormonal medicines.

Telogen hair loss is characterized by change of a parity of growing hairs and hairs in rest phase, hairs, which are in rest phase, dominate. Except coming out of hair from a head, patient can lose hair axillary and pubic zones of hair growth. Pull-test is positive. According to trichogram near 50 % of hairs are in a phase of telogen (while the norm is 10-15 %). In diagnostics of coming out genesis experts-trichologists use traditional methods of dermatology: history taking, examination of scalp and hair, identification of hair loss intensity, and special.

Minute analysis allows to see the condition of follicles (their size, form, chromatic level), and hair shaft.

Trichogram is used for an estimation and prognostication of hair loss types, percentage of hairs which are in different stages (anagen and telogen) etc.

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