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Hair Loss And Some Questions

For one man bald head is a part of image, for another it is annoying but undeserving attention trouble. But for someone alopecia is an enormous stress and worldwide tragedy. The avs say that today 60 percent of men suffer from various degree of hair loss. Why does somebody have shaggy hair till great age, and others start growing bald, entering theirs thirties? And is there a way to return the lost hear?

The problem of hair loss has existed at all times. Until recently, nobody knew the reasons of alopecia, and this caused various fantastic hypotheses. Asians believed a bald head to be contagious, Europeans believed that they grow bald because of wearing hats, and Chukchi thought that if someone has grown bald it means that he will become rich soon. Ways of treatment for alopecia were no less fantastic. Men rubbed everything into their heads, trying to preserve hair: essential oils, animal fat, their own urine and even cat’s excrement. At different times alopecia was treated by a cow tongue, electrical discharge, classical music and tintinnabulation.

Only in the forties of the last century experts established that alopecia is descendible. And it can be “handed down” only to boys, more often maternally. Women also have this gene, but it is not working. That’s why they do not lose hair, but this gene can be inherited to children. So there is such a rank injustice.

Nevertheless, women also have alopecia, but their illness is taking absolutely different course and it is not as vividly expressed, as that of men.

Influence of male sexual hormone testosterone on hair bulbs is the basis of the process of alopecia. Hair loss is disconnected with the level of testosterone in blood. That’s why stereotyped view that balds are the best lovers, actually, is no more than a myth.

In addition to heredity, of course, there are many other factors: stresses, chronic diseases, lack of iron in food. But, even if you lead a healthy life, you cannot run away from genetics: if alopecia runs in your family, you will not avoid it.

What is it possible to do? Everything depends on your character and on how much you worry about it.

One of the best ways is wholesome indifference. Alternatively, you can try to hide your defect with a toupee. It is also possible to grow long locks on temples and then accurately cover a bald head by it.

The contrast method is accelerating the process. Shave off your hair to girl’s marvel and making friend jealous. According to films, bald men are considered tough and sexual a priori. It is only not recommended to wear trousers on braces and a T-shirt with swastika, or you can be taken for the skinhead.

Hair loss is absolutely natural process. And presence or absence of it, as numerous researches show, is not connected with career growth or popularity with women.

If it becomes the reason of emotional insanity, problem is not on your head, but inside it.

Your hair need care, as well as any other “part” of your organism. Please read this review of provillus (hair regrowth treatment product).

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