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Hair Loss Can Include Home Methods

10 rules of hair care in the winter

In a cold and cloudy season hair is exposed to the greatest destructive influence, than during those seasons, when it is warmly and sunny. The Central heating, which artificially dries up hair and a head skin, hair dryer, dryers after trainings in pool or the fitness center — all these negatively influences on hair structure, do them over-dried and weakened. Constant difference of temperatures also influences your hair. Absence of vitamins in a diet in also does not help hair to remain shining and healthy. How to keep hair healthy?

1. Avoid heats. Do not wash hair with hot water as it washes away fats and moisture from them, and does them fragile and dry. Drying by the hair dryer and straightening it by irons also has bad influence— try to minimize such influence on hair.

2. Wear a headdress. From influence of low temperatures hair bulbs weaken and hair can start to drop out. But it is necessarily to take off a cap when you come into transport or somewhere else where it is warm. Choose not pressing, not thin and not too warm headdress from natural materials. If you have long hair, collect them so that they are under a cap.

3. Do not go out not dried up hair. Liquid droplets, freezing on a cold, do hair fragile. And to catch a cold at such weather is very easily!

4. Look after hair more carefully in the summer. Use qualitative shampoos, use conditioners, do not neglect restoring both humidifying balms and masks, especially if you regularly color your hair. Do not abuse gels, wax— in the winter hair under their influence can “conduct” themselves unexpectedly.

5. Before washing massage for about 10 minutes a head skin, rubbing in it a small amount of linen oil then put it on all hair length.

6. If hair are inclined to electrifies, replace a plastic hairbrush on wooden, apply balm antistatic.

7. Do not forget about a food — the beauty of hair depends on the vitamins you have in your food. Food with vitamin D — is especially in the winter when it is not enough sunlight, and the organism reduces its development. Eat eggs, bean, butter, drink milk. To provide receipt of calcium for “building” of hair, eat cottage cheese and firm cheese. Vitamins A and Е are connected in vegetable oils, cod-liver oil, nuts. Medicines for hair loss — the products containing zinc: carrots, fish, nuts and low-fat meat. Bread from of a rough grinding flour, porridge — are useful for appearance of your ringlets, and to health as a whole.

8. Regularly cut tips, use nutritious and protective means for them.

9. Every evening comb hair with a massage brush, counting to hundred. Do not press too strongly and do not tear out hair — operate accurately and carefully.

10. Use nutritious masks:
For preparation of the mask stimulating growth of hair, take a yolk and pound it with a table spoon of olive oil, add cognac, put on hair for 30−40 minutes, then wash hair with warm water;

The nutritious mask which adds to hair shine, consists of any sour-milk product, for example, kefir — it is recommended to be left on hair about half an hour and to wash off;

Restoring mask: add some drops of liquid vitamin E or almond oil in camomile broth, put it on your hair for 20 minutes, wash off;

The degreasing hair mask includes a yolk, a teaspoon olive or sunflower-seed oil and some drops of castor oil. It is necessary to put a mix on hair and a head skin for 20 minutes before washing, and then to wash up with shampoo.

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