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Hair Loss In Winter And Some Questions

How and when is it necessary to comb hair?

Correct care of hair has essentially great value. There is extremely wrong opinion that only weakened hair need attention and care. It is necessary to look after healthy hair with not smaller diligence. Do not forget that dust, dirt, the atmospheric phenomena has great influence on hair.

It is necessary to comb hair at least 50 times a day. At the time of our grandmothers it has been considered that hundred daily comb strokes is an infallible remedy to have healthy, beautiful and brilliant hair. And how it is necessary to comb hair when they drop out?

Hair needs be combed daily, at least twice a day – once in the morning, before washing, and in the evening. Daily combing of hair promotes blood circulation improvement in a head skin, allocation of sebaceous glands and its uniform distribution along hair.

If you lose your hair, then it is recommended to comb hair lying for blood circulation improvement. Occupy convenient position on a sofa or a bed, make so that your head hangs down too much. Start to comb hair from a nape in all directions.

In 2-3 minutes you will feel pleasant sensation of heat. It is a sure sign of strengthening of blood circulation in a head skin. Remember that your problem is to strengthen hair. During combing of hair lying in hair nipples appears a considerable quantity of nutrients, hair become stronger, gain strength, health and grows better.

It is possible to comb hair by other principle. For this purpose it is enough to sit on a sofa or a chair, to hang a head between knees and safely to begin procedure. It is possible to do the same standing having been bent a little forward. The inclination is necessary because only this way the rush of blood to a head skin will be possible. It is not recommended to be in such a position too long for those who have problems with a blood pressure.

While combing it is necessary to alternate movements by a hairbrush with palm strokes. Do one movement by a hairbrush and the second one with a palm. It is recommended to stroke the combed hair after2-3 minutes. Thus, skin fat will be distributed along hair length, and hair becomes shining, elastic and strong.

It is better to comb hair in the open air as the head skin should breathe.

Do not comb hair with sharp movements. Movements should be soft and smooth.

During head washing it is necessary always to move from roots of hair to their tips.

How to choose a hairbrush?

First it is necessary to pay attention on a material of which the hairbrush is made. The best materials since ancient times are considered wood and horn.

It is quite clear that it is hard for modern person to look after a wooden crest. We just do not have time to do this. However many persons have understood that wood brush is more pleasant for head skin than a metal one. And it does not electrify as plastic one does.

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