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Hair Loss Is A Widespread Man’s Problem.

Dense head of hear — light, black as the resin, or red, colors of autumn foliage, is iridescent dream of each adult man. But actually by 25 years about 25 % of men of the European race have signs of hair loss, and by 50 years — about 50 %. Why it occurs?

Faced this problem, men behave differently. One become reserved, begins to complex, is afraid of sneers and tries to hide the lack somehow: to grow and comb hair, to pick up a fashionable headdress, dream of a hair transplant.

Others, more self-assured, do a bald head by a part of the image. It is difficult to imagine stars of policy, cinema and television such as Alexander Rosenbaum, Igor Krutoj, Wines the Diesel engine, Evgenie Leonov, Evgenie Yevstigneyev or even Vladimir Ilich Lenin with magnificent hairdressers. It would be desirable, that such people who have realized Dejla Carnegie’s principle: “If you managed a lemon, make of it lemonade” was as much as possible. Then probably men losing hair would become more confidently in himself.

Actually the bald head was a symbol of courage at many people. So our ancestors, the Ukrainian Cossacks, shaved a head, leaving only a lock of hair. In the east till now in many cultures the smooth faced head and a beard are a courage symbol.

Every year bald men become more and more. Somehow in one book I have read, as anthropologists (the scientists studying an origin and development of the person) imagine the person of the future. And so, according to scientists, will not be not only hair, but also teeth. But there will be a big head with great volume of a brain, but there will be weak hands and feet, and low growth.

Now we will talk about medical aspects of this problem. Hair, appendages of skin is a characteristic feature of mammals, which is unusual other animals. Degree of development of a cover varies not only at different mammals, but also on different sites of a body of one animal. The person in this respect does not differ from all other mammals, but among primacies it the least hairy being.

The hair core can be direct, wavy and curly. In the general view this sign can be regarded as racial. So, Mongols possess direct, rigid and smooth hair, absolutely round on a cross-section cut, European — direct or wavy, oval on a cut. The color of hairs is determined the amount of both granular and diffuse pigment in a hair bar. Therefore the color of growing hairs can change only as a result of external influence (painting). Again growing hairs quite often differ in color from changes in an amount the pigment contained in them.

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