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Head Massage Against Hair Fall

Massage is a manual influence on tissues of an organism. There are medical, hygienic, preventive massages.

You know, healthy hair grows only on a healthy skin of a head, a lot of skin problems arise because of worsening of blood circulation. Very good remedy for its improvement is massage.

The purpose of head massage is intensification of blood circulation, which causes intensification of delivery of nutrients and oxygen to follicles, increasing of muscles tonus, intensification of inflow of natural oil substances to hair, removal of pressure, liberation of necrotize cells.

The use of this method of treatment is contra-indicated, if hair loss is strong, if you have disease of scalp, hypertension of second and third degree, an acute head injury.

Direction of movements during massage must be from periphery to centre: from the back of the head and from ears to crown of the head, from temples to an occiput.

If you want to cause a rush of blood to a head, duration of influence should be at least 2 minutes.

For doing massage you need not only strength and pressure of fingers, but also its sensitivity. Fingers should not ride on the surface of the head, but they should bear against head skin, doing short movements on a skull. Massage should be done symmetrically by two hands.

Purposeless movements of fingers on a head, accompanied sometimes with painful jerks of hair, are absolutely senseless. Basic techniques of massage are effleurage, rubbing, petrissage and vibration.

If you do head massage correctly and regularly, it is possible to reach success very soon, but sometimes it is necessary to wait long.

Effleurage can be superficial, deep, interrupted and uninterrupted. Effleurage stimulates sanguimotion and lymphization, relaxes muscles. Effleurage should be done from periphery to the centre, slowly and rhythmically. This technique is good, when you start and finish session of massage.

Rubbing speeds up a resorption of sediments in tissues, intensifies tissue metabolism and makes tissues more elastic. Do rubbing with a ball of thumbs and index fingers.

Petrissage can be interrupted and uninterrupted. It helps to intensify regeneration of tissues and to make better contractility of muscles.

Vibration can also be interrupted and uninterrupted. Vibration helps to eliminate spasms of muscles and improves blood circulation.

Vacuum massage can be made using special suction caps, thanks to which vacuum is created. During massage superficial and deep capillaries of a head skin dilate. Vacuum makes better not only blood circulation, but also a lymph flow and tones up muscles.

Health is invaluable. That’s why it does not matter, whether you have alopecia or not, everyone needs massage: in either case it will make you healthier, more handsome and can be a real recreation for you!

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