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How To Dry Wet Hair?

Hair Care

How to dry wet hair?

It is known that the best drying is natural drying of hair, sometimes with use of a warm towel. To use the hair dryer it is desirable as seldom as possible, only in necessary cases.

However, if you any more do not imagine a life without the hair dryer it is recommended to use special lotions and preparations.

It is very bad to dry hair on the sun as the superfluous quantity of ultraviolet has not brought any advantage, and wet hair are weak for external influences.

But if you have decided to dry hair on the sun do not forget to cover a head with a scarf. To dry hair over a plate is even worse.

Cosmeticians advise to dry hair preliminary a warm terry towel.

Do not suppose that hair will dry itself on a cold, wind a head with a warm towel better.

When hair will dry up, they need to be combed. Comb long hair from the ends, short – from a skin.

Many complain that hair on the ends split. It can be caused by frequent drying using hot hair dryer. Sometimes hair split when you cut them seldom. Special oils can give elasticity and flexibility to the ends of hair, but this procedure, unfortunately, does not prevent splitting. For the splitting termination it is necessary to use special feeding lotions.

If you have curly hair at grinding them by towel, fingers should move forward, unrolling curls of hair so that they dry up in the necessary direction.

If you have got used to comb the hair to the left then during grinding by a towel comb them to the right. Better to say, hair need to be dried in a direction opposite to volume in what you usually stack them.

Straight hair should be combed in a direction from top to face, and then to pound a towel.

Almost all women use a hair dryer to dry up or to set hair. Many of them do not consider that frequent processing of hair by hot air leads to the fact that hair becomes fragile, dim and dry.

It is better to have a hair dryer with several regulators of warm and cold air, and at using the hair dryer to observe some rules. Do not dry absolutely wet hair with hair dryer. First slightly get wet them with towel. Do not hold the hair dryer close to a head, the minimum distance is 20 cm. Dry your hair in regular intervals, without being late long in one place. If you wish to set hair you will need a hair dryer with nozzles. They give an extra volume to your hair. Do not use hair dryer every day, it harms hair.

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