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How To Interpret Blood Tests And Iron Indices Correctly, If You Have Alopecia?

Quite frequently coming out of hair presupposes iron deficiency. All quotients can be within referential norms, which are stated on the form, but can be abnormal in terms of iron eubolism in an organism. This is due to the fact that majority of “norms” are intended for diagnostics of frank anaemia, instead of latent iron deficiency, the consequence of which can be alopecia.

Normal haemoglobin level for women should be 125 g/l and more, for men it is 135 g/l and more, but these values cannot be used for diagnostics of latent iron deficiency.

There is no use estimating separately values of serum iron and total iron-binding capacity (TIBC), because even normal coefficient of transferrin saturation by iron does not exclude iron deficiency, if coefficient is below 15-16 %, this is a frank iron deficiency.

Low absolute values of total iron-binding capacity (below 45 mM/l), as a rule with a low level of iron (below 12 mM/l) can indicate concomitant zinc deficiency in an organism, which cannot be always revealed by the results of zinc test. In this case patients take zinc and iron for correction.

Ferritin is the most sensitive indicator, but interpretation of its values also has some restrictions: if ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate) is heightened in blood test. Its “high” level is false overstated and it is possible to estimate its actual values, dividing the result by half.

Ferritin is also the most standard value for iron deficiency, when it is below 40 µg/l, but sometimes trial (during 2-3 months) treatment of alopecia with iron medicines can be prescribed even if your level is just below 70 µg/l.

Iron deficiency causes diffuse alopecia, that’s why it is really important to detect it, especially for women.
If you have only results of haemoglobin level test, it is not enough.
You should know the level of serum iron (biochemical blood examination), total iron-binding capacity (TIBC) and the level of ferritin. Certain conclusions can be drawn by a specialist doctor with regard to this information.
You should also know how iron is distributed in an organism:
– iron is present in an organism as a part of haemoglobin erythrocytes and erythrokaryocytes of bone marrow
– this is iron “depot” (ferritin and hemosiderin)
– tissue iron (myoglobin, cytochromes, enzymes)
– transport iron (connected with blood protein – transferrin)
That’s why only the information about haemoglobin level does not give definite knowledge of iron deficiency presence or absence.
For supplying iron deficiency you should eat iron-containing products (there is iron in meat reducing from beef to pork, than to poultry and to fish; there is iron in spinach, but you should only eat it with a lemon or vitamin C, because only small percent of it can be assimilated).

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