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How To Prevent A Hair Loss.

Magnificent hair has been one of beauty canons for thousands years. Anybody did not cancel these canons and in the modern world, only it is more difficult for modern women to save it , than for their predecessors. The prompt rhythm of a life, stresses, not always correct feed prevents to keep beauty of hair. When beat an alarm?

It is important to know that hair is in a condition of dynamic balance, that means one hairs drop out, others grow. It is considered that norm of daily loss of hair is to 120 pieces (extreme border 150).

The hair loss can be up to standard of a cosmetic problem – if it has changeable and short character (for example, a seasonal hair fall in November and in March-April because of decrease in protective forces of an organism). Also hair can suffer from frequent colorings (more often, than time in 3 weeks), a chemical wave, wrong selection of means for leaving. In this case dermatocosmetologist can recommend such procedures:

Massage of hairy head parts – is spent for improvement of blood supply of hair follicles.

Electrotherapy – influence procedure by pulse currents also for improvement of a food by blood of follicles, for elimination of the raised fat content of a head skin (a hair fall can cause to such results too).

At home it is important to continue also leaving in the form of special shampoos, masks and lotions with vegetative extracts (a burdock root, a chamomile, birch kidneys,); microcells (zinc).

What reasons of the baldness?

Fast (within 3-7 days) loss of a considerable quantity of hair can be caused strong poisonings and intoxications (for example, salts of heavy metals). In this case deducing of toxins from an organism, immunity restoration, and liver protection will be the main medical action. And hair will be restored after recover within several months.

Long loss of a considerable quantity of hair – this form happens during long reception of medicines. Regenerative therapy of all organism also help share; sparing care of hair; rubbing the means strengthening inflow of blood to a head skin (for example, pepper tincture); preparations of zinc for intake. The period of restoration of a head of hear will occupy more than 6 months.

Heart baldness – often arises because of infringement of blood supply having problems in cervical department of a backbone (at such problem consultation of the neurologist and, probably, a course of physiotherapy and massages is necessary).

There is also “a man’s” form of baldness (though women often have it too). This form directly is connected with a man’s sexual hormone dehydrotestosterone (hair follicles are sensitive to it) and is hereditary. At women such form can arise at hormonal infringements in an organism (diseases of adrenal glands, a climax).

Fortunately, there are preparations which block hormone action on a hair follicle (they are entered by means of microinjections into a head skin, rubbed in the form of solutions, used as shampoos). It considerably helps with the problem decision.
Unfortunately, there are forms of baldness which heavily responds to treatment .As you can see, such quantity of forms and the reasons of hair loss demands competent treatment, therefore, if the hair fall has accepted serious turns, do not postpone visit to dermatologist.

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