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How To Stop Alopecia And Recover Luxuriance Of Hair?

Sometimes hair comes out during some general infectious diseases accompanied by rise of temperature (scarlet fever, typhus, flu) or after capital operations. However, it stops after recovery of health. Alopecia can be an effect of a scalp skin infection with head fungi. In this case you can catch circumscribed alopecia.

Quite often you can see the so-called alopecia areata, arising from emotional upset or overwork. These types of alopecia yield to treatment. How to do it?

Here is the first advice. Rub in a head skin medicines which contain estrogen (female sexual hormone), it will further strengthen the hair. Female hormones can be produced not only by human or animal organisms. Some plants can also synthesize analogues of these hormones – the so-called phytohormones. These plants are hop, licorice, sage, clover, sweet clover and others.

First three plants are the most active. In combination with plants which have antiseptic, vasodilating and stimulating properties, it can not only suspend process of alopecia, but make your hair strong and healthy again.

Nutrient lotion:
Hop – 40 grams
Stinging nettle (leaves) – 20 grams
Licorice (root) – 10 grams
Sage (leaves) – 20 grams
Capsicum (fruits) – 10 grams
Castor oil – 30 ml
Spirit of turpentine – 20 ml
Hellebore water – 50 ml

To prepare this lotion you should first of all coat with 1 liter of seventy percent alcohol dried up and powdered plants, let it draw during two weeks in a dark place shaking up periodically. Then filter this liquid and pour it into a bottle made of dark glass. Add to tincture castor oil, turpentine and hellebore water (you can buy it in a drugstore) and over several minutes shake up a bottle until a homogeneous emulsion is formed.

Every day once a day swab received remedy with wad of cotton wool on a head skin, rubbing by massaging movements for nearly 5 minutes. Shake up the lotion before swabbing. Course of treatment is from one to six months.

As androgenic alopecia is a natural process, but not pathology, some time after ending of lotion using hair will start to come out again. That’s why you need courses of treatment, which will last during 1-2 month, with breaks of the same duration between them.

There is a second advice: drink sea-buckthorn leaves tea. Coat dried up leaves with boiled water (2-5 grams of leaves on a glass), boil on slack fire during 5 minutes, let tea draw during 15-20 minutes and filter it. Drink hot tea with honey 2-3 times a day.

Oat tincture is also very useful. Coat a glass of grains with three glasses of water, bring to a boil, boil it thoroughly during 15 minutes, cool and filter it. Drink 1 glass 2-3 times a day.

There is a third advice: 2-3 times a day massage your head with brush during three minutes in a direction from periphery to crown.

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