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How Vitamins And Natural Hair Product Helpful in Hereditary Hair Loss

The general type of hair loss called hereditary hair loss can influence both men and women, but women are generally less affected than men. The situation is so common that it can almost be considered as a part of the normal aging process.

Symptoms of hair loss:
The pattern of hair loss and baldness are different for men and women. On men special region or spot on the head begin get totally bald. These parts of area are usually on both sides of the front, rear and top of head. Hair loss then steps forward to the extent of these areas, and finally, most of the head can be completely hairless. However, a large part in the neck uses to remain unchanged and keeps a thick hair cover. The similar is generally true about the area in front of each ear.

In all women the hair on the head begin thinning and then gradually throughout the head for many years. Women not often get totally bald areas on your head, but often the hair is so thin that the scalp is clearly visible through the hair.

Causes of hair loss:
The skin has there layers: The outer layer, called epidermis, consists of epithelial cells. Under this deception the dermis consisting of connective tissue. Basically, there is a level called the hypodermis consisting mainly of fat cells.

The skin has fine pores, hair follicles; lengthen from the shell to the top of the sub-dermis, called follicles. A hair extend from a growth in the bottom of each hair follicle and out to the skin surface

Through the common form of hair loss, a substance in the body, dihydroxy-testosterone (DHT), gives a signal to the cells of hair follicles that make these cells divide less so that the production of hair slows or stops.

DHT is a metabolic product of testosterone, the male sexual hormone. Also women have some quantity of testosterone and DHT in your body and therefore hair loss also affects women.

Only small unit that are sensitive to the influence of DHT will slow the growth process. This susceptibility is inherited from parents by some individuals and not the other. Follicle cells in the bottom of the head are typically also resistant alongside the influence of DHT and therefore these areas seldom get bald.

The efficiency of hair growth will not only be exaggerated by DHT. Extra substances found in the tissue cells can divide more signals, and nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids can make the growth process more efficient. Certain material present in the tissue may also block the DHT or ease the removal of this substance. Thus, all susceptible to the influence of DHT will not lose hair in the same measure.

Treatment Options for Hair Loss:
Having a good diet giving the body vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in the right amount may slow down hair loss.

Swami Ramdev Divya kesh Tail to apply 1 time a night, which do not block the DHT, but stimulates the cells of hair follicles to proliferate better and solved all hair problem.

There are lots of natural products on the market to help against hair loss. These products often contain several substances working together by several principles.

They may include vitamins or minerals that are considered necessary for hair growth. Other essence gives signals to the hair follicles to increase hair growth, for example procyanidin B2. Some ingredients work as anti-oxidants that inhibit oxidative attack on the follicle cells, such as L-arginine.

Still other ingredients can reduce the conversion of testosterone into DHT. Green tea extract shown to contain substances with this effect.

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