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If You Are Bald Headed, Join The Club!

Clubs of bald men are in Russia, in Australia, in USA and practically in all countries of Europe. In Great Britain, for example, Winston Churchill with his bald head and cigar is a club’s symbol. Members of Bald Men British Club wear a firm button with his portrait. Bald musicians from different countries form the club “Take it from the head”. On the club’s site every bald musician can register and leave a list of his personal musical advances and photo, which will be also a link to his page. That’s why this is, first of all, an exposition of musicians. This site exists since 2006 and brought together near 600 musicians.

Not only owners of natural, but also of an artificial bald head can join the club. Those can be the men, who simply shaved off their hair. It is precisely this fact that explains why such representatives are so zealous of club. They say that with a bald head they apprehend world in a different way, they feel it.

Clubmen say that the longer is the hair the more woman’s or metrosexual’s streaks the man has. And on the contrary, if, for example, a supervisor wants to create a courageous hero, he will most likely choose shingled or bald man. Besides, there is a current opinion, that bald headed men are open-hearted and frank people with remarkable intelligence. Active members of Polish party of bald-headed people add to this, that there are no perverts among them.

Advertising and mass-media create stereotype of dandy which should not be bald, clubbers struggle with these narrow-mindedness sometimes even taking the matter to court.

Of course, club members do not say, that a man with a bush of hair cannot be perspective and clever. But they think that bald man has much more preconditions for becoming the owner of these qualities. In this sense bald head is an additional stimulus. When a man loses his hair, he starts to stand out against a background of another people, but this is not always good. That’s why man tries to compensate this defect. Bald man is more active in sport, business or in other area, than a man with good hair, that’s why according to statistics bald men are more successful.

Club is such a community, which meets a lack of dialogue. During our life we often lose touches with our friends, schoolmates, even with relatives. And it is possible in the club to find people who are connected with you by something: by problems, hobby or something else. Probably, people have a natural curiosity about people, who are like them: black ravens go to black, “white” go to “white”, and we reach out for each other, because we feel comfort in company with the person obsessed with a single idea.

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