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If You Don’t Want To Lose Hair, Wash It Correctly

Frequency of head washing and using masks for hair depends on a type of hair. Normal hair must usually be washed 1 or 2 times a week, but if you use shampoo for frequent washing, do this every day. It is enough to wash dry hair once a week, but it is desirable to use a conditioner. If you have greasy hair, wash it every day.

Regular washing of hair has stimulating influence on scalp muscles and hair follicles, that’s why hair grows faster.

It is better to wash a head using softened water. You should not buy it, only add baking soda or borax (stir in 1 level teaspoon of soda or borax on 2 liters of water) in usual tap water or boil so much water as you need during 45-60 minutes, and then cool it to the temperature you want. Before washing, especially if you have long and dense hair, it is recommended to comb it with a brush with sparse teeth.

Wash your head in warm water. Put some quantity of shampoo on a palm and rub it in hair and head skin doing tender massing movements, beginning from a line of hair growth on a forehead and moving in a direction to crown. Doing the same, massage your head from temples to occiput, and then massage only back of the head. After that hair must be rinsed carefully, while water does not become pure. Those, who wash a head once a week, can repeat the procedure. For those, who wash it daily, it is enough to soap it once.

If after everyday washing hair becomes dull and lifeless, reduce frequency of washing, and in intervals give it a well-groomed air by hairdressings. Put some conditioner on hair after washing. It is desirable to put it only on those places where it is necessary, i.e. on the ends of hairs. This procedure will help it to remain luxuriant near roots, keeping shine on all length. After conditioner it is necessary to massage locks slightly, and then to rinse it with warm water.

Many generations use different masks as the best folk remedy for strengthening and increasing hair growth. One of the most popular ones is mask of castor oil. For its preparation warm up some oil (the best method to do this is using a steam bath) then rub oil in hair roots and leave for some time. This procedure stimulates metabolism and blood circulation, thus increasing growth and development of hair follicles.

The same effect has a mask of mustard powder. Mix powder with vegetable oil, add some sugar with yolk, and rub in a head skin. Mask has warming up action, makes active hair follicles. But before using it, do such an easy test: spread small area of skin with this mix. If you do not feel strong burning pain, mask can be used.

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