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Keyword Rich Content And Article Marketing Is The Ticket!

One of the cheapest, easiest and fastest ways to bring free organic traffic to your website is by Article Marketing. The three biggest things that will make your website a big hit as it continues to grow is: popularity, navigation, and good content.

Navigation is in the hands of the Webmaster. However, popularity and content is all you baby! The more value you offer in your articles and the more articles you submit the more popular you will become.

The web is controlled by search engines and they are information junkies (often referred to as internet spiders). And like any junkie, they are forever searching for the next fix. When a search engine gets high on some good content it rewards its owner (YOU) by promoting a websites ranking which generates the always welcome organic (free) traffic. And traffic is the life support of internet.

The internet spiders are hungry! They need to be fed!

Make sense?

Your content needs to have certain requirements to have any real value. Search engines find search requests from users by using a system that uses keyword rich information that incorporate keywords into the body of your written content. If you have not taken the time to do keyword research or if you hate writing then I’d suggest hiring a skilled writer to do it for you. It will pay off in the long run!

Writing content just to have content out there without using keywords will be a humongous waste of your time. (Unless you are someone who just loves to write for the sake of writing or for your personal Blog) The competition is so vast people will never find you.

Let me try to explain…

If you were to write about “how to make money online” you’ll see that the Google search results come back saying there are roughly 127,000,000 results. Ummmm… good luck getting found for those keywords. The only people getting all the traffic are the ones on the first few pages.

But, if you were to render it down and be more specific and let’s say write about “make money online selling Avon hair products”, Google returns 19,600 search results.

Chances of you getting on Page one of Google for that will be much much easier and happen faster as you submit more articles. You will be targeting a specific audience and putting your keyword rich content in front of the right people. (If that was what you were marketing.) But you get my point right?

Targeted Traffic + Conversions = Profit!

You can’t just mention your keywords once or twice either. I’ve been told so many different numbers to use for keyword density, I honestly don’t know for sure which one is the correct number to be following… I’ve heard anywhere from 3% up to 10% but I don’t know for sure so I aim somewhere in the middle. If you do know leave me a comment, please and thank you!

That’s why it’s crucial to do your keyword research, find your target audience within your niche.

I kind of got off topic a bit but I got on a roll with explaining the importance of keywords rich content if you want to try article marketing but hey, sometimes it happens…

I know there are different tools out there you can use to do your keyword research some free, some you have to pay for. I use Google Adwords: Keyword Tool it’s free and it works just fine for me.

I hope I was able to offer you some value with this article especially to those of you just bursting on the scene.

Just so you know… I didn’t do one lick of keyword research for this article, I’m not trying to get ranked for it, I just wanted to give my readers some good information, oh hey… don’t forget to let me know about the keyword density % if you know it. Thanks

Angie Mitchell
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Angie Mitchell PhotoAbout Author
Angie is an online marketer and stresses the importance of using online marketing tools for your home based business or offline business, if you like her writing style and would like her to write you some copy simply contact her. [email protected]

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