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Man’s And Woman’s Hair Loss.

Hair loss is one of the most unpleasant problems with hair.

The destiny often plays a malicious joke with the person. One of such unpleasant jokes is premature hair loss.

Early hair loss is loss of hair in this or that form at the age from 18 – 40 years without the visible reasons.

It is for certain known that people of such status as the sportsmen, known politicians, actors have been so suppressed by this fact that ran into deep depression.

Here the words of the young men, started to grow bald at early age often worry: “it is difficult to find words to describe the sensations. I was 20 years old, and I was afraid to go out of doors – well what normal girl will want to keep the appointment to the bald? I had awfully bad mood. Well why I? Why my hair should drop out, when to me of only 20 years? Why it was impossible to wait, when I will be 30 years old at least? At least, I, possibly, would have wife, children and good work, and I would be quieter”.

Hair loss as process bears in itself painful enough emotions and experiences.

Hair loss at men and women can begin with the moment of achievement of a sexual maturity or during the process of puberty.

After this time and to old age most men and women are subject to the process of hair loss. Scientists have found out that blood of growing bald people contains dehydrotestosterone. This hormone is produced by enzyme which contains in an organism of each person; it is called 5 alpha-reduktaza. And for dehydrotestosterone testosterone comes forward raw material is a masculine sexual hormone, contained in masculine sperm.

Testosterone is in women’s blood too, but it is considerable in smaller quantity. It explains that fact that hair loss at men passes more intensively.

At the increase of level of testosterone that is connected with infringement of a hormonal background, hair loss at women can be accompanied secondary man’s sexual signs – a down on lips and a chin, a rude voice, vegetation increase standing and hands.

Logically to put question: why are hairs subject to the hair loss exceptionally on a head, why do not eyebrows, moustaches, hairs on feet or hands fall out?
Unfortunately, answer is not consoling. Follicles on a head are very weak on the nature. It is connected with their anatomic arrangement. They are very highly that already speaks about not enough good blood circulation in this area. Blood, overcoming terrestrial gravitation should deliver to follicles of hair nutrients (vitamins and minerals) necessary for a birth of new hair.

Hair loss proceeds until a follicle will not perish, it is sometimes possible to meet a term a follicle falls in hibernation or sleep follicles. Such follicle already will be never able to give a hair, therefore early or late, if to undertake nothing a bald “spot” appears.

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