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Natural Components For Making Your Hair Stronger

Many natural substances have ability of 5 alpha reductase inhibition. Antiandrogenic action of some polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially of a gamma-linolenic acid became an unexpected find. For the first time connection between polyunsaturated fatty acids and metabolism of androgens was found out in 1992. Later, in 1994 it was proved that gamma-linolenic acid and some other fatty acids are effective inhibitors of 5 alpha reductase.

Gamma-linolenic acid possesses the highest inhibiting effect has, then comes docosahexaenoic acid, followed by arachidonic acid, alpha-linolenic acid, linolenic acid and palmitoleic acid. Other unsaturated fatty acids, together with their methyl ether and spirits, carotinoids, retinoids and sated fatty acids do not show inhibiting effect on 5 alpha reductase even in considerable concentration.

Gamma-linolenic acid is contained in oil of a blackcurrant (16 % of gamma-linole-new, 17 % of Alpha-linolenic, 48 % of linolenic), in oil of borago (20–25 % of gamma-linolenic acid, 40 % of linolenic acid), in oil of evening primrose (14 % of gamma-linolenic acid, 65–80 % of linolenic acid). Avocado oil has a good structure (30 % of linolenic acid, 5 % of Alpha-linolenic and 13 % of new palmitoleic acid). In spite of lacking gamma-linolenic acid, avocado oil is one of the best remedies for hair treatment, thanks to the high maintenance of oleic acid (80 %) it penetrates into a skin and is easily spread on hair and skin surface. Avocado oil can be added to difficult oil mixes for making its blotting capacity and flowability better. docosahexaenoic acid which also has an ability of 5 alpha reductase inhibition, contains in jojoba oil (20 %). Jojoba oil is the richest source of docosahexaenoic acid among natural oils.

Such oil structures, which have an antiandrogenic effect, have that advantage that well penetrate through lipidic barrier of a skin and cuticle of hair. It can be used as additional treatment to all kinds of hair treatment. Using it, you will notice restoration of normal structure of damaged hairs and normalization of sebaceous glands work. On the basis of oils, which have antiandrogenic effect it is possible to prepare emulsion and microemulsion mixes, which will help to enter into a scalp skin different biologically active substances.

Extract of dwarf palm tree Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens) fruits has high-powered antiandrogenic effect. Red berries of dwarf palm tree grow at Atlantic coast of the USA; locals used it for prostatitis, enuresis, atrophy of testes and impotence treatment. In fruits of Saw Palmetto there are a number of fatty acids (caprylic, lauric, oleic and palmitic) and a considerable quantity of phytosterols (Beta- sitosterol, cycloartenol, stigmasterol, lupeol, lupenon etc.).

Extract of dwarf palm tree fruits in combination with zinc and vitamin В6 are used as a food additive and recommended to people beginning to grow bald as a prophylactic.

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