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Natural Hair Loss Solution

Hair loss treatment is now a big industry, but hair loss has been a problem for centuries and there are many long standing solutions based on naturally occurring plants and herbs. Most of natural remedies use herbs and essential oils. Essential oils make up the smells and tastes of a lot of plant materials. They are also removed to be used in aroma therapy goods. The herbs and essential oils may be used by their selves or in the form of a blend. Here are some examples of natural remedies that can be tested.

One can apply sage tea with apple cider vinegar and a combination of a number of different oils, like almond oil, olive oil, amla oil and castor oil. Before application of the oil it should be warmed for a feel good experience. Giving a treatment to your hair with coconut milk, egg yolk, honey and aloe vera gel can produce a rejuvenating effect on your hair. But each of these substances should be carefully washed out after a while. There’s no need to do the same in case of sage tea & apple cider.

Poor blood circulation at the top of your scalp is one of the reasons for hair loss. The weak blood supply starves the follicle and so the hair weakens and eventually stops growing. The herb Ginkgo Biloba is believed to improve the circulation of the blood. The hot pepper Capsicum is also thought to improve blood flow to the scalp. If you are taking any kind of medication, you should check with your physician before taking any natural supplements that can effect your circulation. Taking these could effect the action of your medication.

Safflower oil can be rubbed onto the scalp. This is another natural product which works by dilating the blood vessels in the scalp and therefore increasing the blood supply to the hair follicles. This provides good conditions for aiding with hair regrowth. Onion has been used for many years in respect to baldness. It can be massaged into the scalp before shampooing the hair. The herb decreases any irritation in the scalp and establishes a better blood circulation to the hair follicles

Lot of natural hair loss treatments is available. Some are little more than herbs used to reduce situation and do nothing for you as the side effect. Even there are others that do work greatly. Is nice to know what works and what is just wasting of money. Is only when you are eventful and have a little time to study up and find out which of this natural treatment is the best for you is to take a recognized hair supplement that will avoid hair loss. By supplements with a healthy diet that comprise plenty of vegetables and fruit will help to fighting off the arrival of baldness.

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