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Phenomenon Of Alopecia

Phenomenon of alopecia is observed on scalp and on a face (beard, eyebrows, eyelashes), rarer it can be in axillary creases and in pubic region. Lifetime of hair is 4 – 6 years. Then it should be replaced by new, thereby our scalp permanently and imperceptibly regenerates. That’s why loss from 40 to 80 hairs daily is an absolutely natural phenomenon. But if the quantity of coming out hair exceeds 100 hairs per day, we deal with a pathological hair loss, which leads to alopecia.

Thinning of elderly patient’s hair is natural, because this is one of the symptoms of decay.
Premature alopecia occurs at any age; it can often be a symptom of some disease.

There are a few types of alopecia.

1. Congenital alopecia. It means total absence of hair or its thinning. Sometimes this pathology has familial character.
2. Premature alopecia develops on a scalp of young and middle-aged men. Women usually do not have such a problem, or have it on a smaller scale, because ovarian hormones have a great influence on growth of hair. Loss of hair begins gradually, usually from frontal and parietal areas, and then is passed on other. As a result, man has hair only on the edges of scalp. The reasons of this disease are not studied enough. Treatment boils down to delaying of a hair loss process.
3. Seborrheic alopecia is characterized by diffuse thinning of hair. If you have this form of alopecia, it is very important to treat seborrhea opportunely, than it is possible to suspend or stop hair loss.
4. Symptomatic alopecia develops as a result of having an acute infectious illness, childbirth, operations, or if you have endocrine disturbance, anaemia, cachexia, tuberculosis, syphilis, radiation disease, etc.
Generally, if you have this type of alopecia scalp will be completely restored in a little while.
5. Cicatrix alopecia develops on scared skin after burns, traumas and abscesses.
6. Circumscribed alopecia is characterized by total hair loss on limited areas of a skin.

Disease may arise after psychological trauma, as a result of nervous wreck, insomnia, hormonal disfunctions, noxious agents, chronic infectious niduses (highmoritis, caries, tonsillitis), avitaminosis.

Treatment of alopecia, firstly, comes to elimination of reasons and to treatment of diseases, which caused hair loss. Secondly, it is necessary to organize normal working and rest conditions. Thirdly, exclude from a diet all spicy and fatty food and add more vitamins, especially of groups A, B and E. Do not wear too warm and tight hats and do not walk uncovered on cold mornings, because hair, chilled with the weather, becomes fragile and dull.

Among medical prescriptions it is possible to mark out ultraviolet irradiation of scalp, vitamin therapy and also different sedative medicines.

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