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Propecia Hair Loss Treatment: Review

Losing your hair is not fun, especially when you begin to lose your hair at a very young age. For some young men hair loss and thinning hair can begin as early as the late teens and progress to near baldness by the mid to late twenties. While this is a cause for alarm, there are ways to prevent, slow down, and even regrow hair, and one of the truly effective ways is through the prescription drug Propecia.

While some young men may be hesitant in trying a prescription to regrow hair, Propecia is the most effective tool. Other pills, creams, and oils may cost less and may be more readily available, but most of those hair loss scams are not effective and in some cases can be downright dangerous if not monitored correctly by a doctor. Propecia is approved and tested in hair loss studies and has minimal side effects which can be monitored by a dermatologist. The pills themselves are easy to swallow and cost less than a dollar a day, which is worth a full head of hair every day of the year.

One drawback of Propecia is the fact that once you start the treatment you have to stay on the drug or any hair loss that was stopped or hair that grew back will recede. The hope is, however, that eventually a permanent cure for hair loss will be found and will be available to the public at larger. Until then, however, Propecia should be looked at as a very productive solution.

The only other effective product that will assist in keeping a full head of hair is Rogaine. While the Rogaine dropper and spray can be messy, the Rogaine foam formula is relatively easy to use and to clean. While no hair loss prevention method is completely full proof, the use of Propecia and Rogaine foam will stop the hair loss and even restart the hair growth process in many men, especially if the hair loss is diagnosed early and the hair loss treatment begins as soon as possible.

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