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Remedies Against Hair Loss, Which Were Used By Our Ancestors

Modern medicine has a wealth of knowledge about alopecia and a set of remedies against hair loss: medical masks, balsams, growth activators, medicines for microcirculation of blood, vitamins, mesococktails, machine massage and even hair transplantation. But do you know what remedies against hair loss were used by our ancestors?

For several thousands of years man’s population of all countries tested on themselves a tragedy of hair loss. In the Middle East alopecia was considered as a sign of virile strength loss. People of ancient cultures spent heavily on the various medicines stopping alopecia and promoting hair growth. There is a legend that July Caesar started to wear ceremonial wreath for covering his bald head.

Try to put small cut leaves of lettuce on the hair and to massage head. Such remedies against hair loss were offered by Egyptians. They trusted in magic properties of lettuce, because they associated it with God of maturity. But Egyptians knew many other recipes against alopecia, for example, they used massage, rubbing castor or almond oil into a skin and even today doctors think that this is a good prophylaxis of hair diseases.

Cleopatra even wrote a book about cosmetics and had the whole factory of perfumery products. Egyptians for grey hair prevention used fat of black snakes, blood of black bulls and forty eggs of a raven. Hairdressers assured that ointments made on a base of fat of a lion, has a miracle force, promote density and growth of hair. Aromatic turrets were fastening to wigs. Ointments, whose structure contains fat of fishes or a powder of donkey’s hoofs, had a high value. These remedies were articles of export and they sold it for good money. Egyptian recipes are mentioned in works of Hippocrate, it become a part of national European medicine.

Africans struggled with hair loss by means, which were near them, for example, they prepared oil from blossom of an olive tree and used oil as tonic for hair. Africans used avocado for struggle against fragility and dryness of hair, and also against dandruff.

Indian remedies from hair loss can be used today. For example, remedies on the base of sage. Decoction of sage broth activates hair growth and gives it natural shine. And if you spread a mix of coconut milk, black pepper and fenugreek on hair it is possible to stop hair loss.

Immigrants, who occupied America, had quite a modern way of struggling with alopecia, but we don’t known, whether it was helpful or not. This remedy against hair loss is a mixture made of cologne and camphor oil. This substance should be put on bald regions before sleep. Americans also still believe that vigorous massage with a rigid brush helps against alopecia.

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