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Some Myths About Hair Lengthening

Some myths about hair lengthening

Myth №1 – Hair from procedure a hair extension spoil. It is NOT SO!!!

More precisely to tell, hair really can deteriorate, but not from the service of “Hair lengthening”, but from wrong care of the lengthened hair in process everyday care, too long carrying without correction – that leads to strong radical complication.

Even the qualitative correctly lengthened hair can be spoiled because of the wrong care. Unlike the own hair receiving a food from the bulbs (sebaceous glands), lengthened hair is deprived such possibility, that is why it demands special care – humidifying shampoo without the conditioner, hair spray restoring structure, and the silicone oil giving hair silky shine.

Also hair can be damaged by wrong and inept removal of the lengthened hair.

Therefore we recommend make this procedure in specialized salon or to address to the diploma master with the experience. By the way, it is not necessary to forget that every day we lose to 100 filaments which it is daily deleted by means of a hairbrush, therefore at hair extension, own hair, dropped out a natural way, remain in a capsule (a junction of the hair with lengthening) and, thus, some natural losses at removal of the lengthened hair are inevitable.

If you have addressed to make a hair lengthening to a specialized salon or to the diploma master with the experience – it is not necessary to worry!

Myth №2 – With hair lengthening own hair does not grow.

… It can happen if to make escalating in home with poor-quality materials at the self-educated master.

By the way, the increased locks create insignificant additional pressure upon roots of hair, it stimulates growth of the hair.

Hair after lengthening grows faster than without it!

Myth №3 – the Best is the European hair.

European hair does not present. This formulation is the usual advertising gimmick. For lengthening Slavic and Asian natural hair is used. The best hair is considered Slavic, as it is alike to our own. It is bought in Belarus, in Ukraine, in Russia. It has more often light tone that is why it is easy to receive the necessary shade coloring or toning, without damaging essentially structure of hair.

That is why Slavic hair can be lengthened several times, it is well rush, not so dry and not so confused, as the painted dark hair from India, China or Italy. In these countries natural hair for lengthening process, paint industrially. The more it is qualitative, the closer it is on structure to our Slavic hair.

Myth 4 – For lengthening of locks household glue is used.

Actually, to increase hair capsules with special cosmetic glue are used. The more qualitatively glue the better to keep hair. There are hot and cold methods of hair lengthening.

When the English hot technology is used, glue is warmed up in the special pistol also it is squeezed out, and then the master manually forms of it a capsule, that joints lengthening lock to natural hair. Using the Italian technology each lock is already supplied by a capsule with glue, it is needed to be warmed up only electro nippers. The Italian technology often is considered the most reliable.

Cold technologies are named so because it is warmed up nothing in them. The master manually forms a capsule by means of glue which drips on the lock end. Also exists lengthening without glue, by means of metal rings through which locks are stretched. The ring then is clamped by special tweezers.

Myth 5 – The pasted beauty falls off.

It is possible to carry the lengthening hair 3 – 6 months. After that it does not disappear, it is removed by the master with a special gel (at hot escalating), or untwines (at escalating with the help of tress). The hair thus does not suffer at all.

When the hair has grown, capsules has become appreciable and consequently correction or new lengthening is necessary.

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