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Stop Hair Loss – Laser hair Therapy

Laser hair therapy is there for quite some time and many of us have successfully experienced this also. So we can easily get feedbacks from them on how successful this treatment is. Once you have done this your confidence level will increase.


Laser hair therapy is painless and there is no side effects for this treatment and will start growing your hair immediately. If any one is asking which is the more effective hair loss treatment you can definitely say laser hair therapy.


Hair regrowth treatments can be done for men and women also. Now days women are also experiencing loss problems and that is why hair loss treatments for women are also familiar to stop female hair loss. Now there’s hope for women who are suffering from Thinning Hair or excessive Hair Loss. Laser Hair Therapy (LHT) has been in use in Hair Loss clinics around the world for some time, but with recent organizational approval, is only now being recognized in America as a viable Hair Loss Treatment.


In the past few years clinical studies tested lasers at different wavelengths and pulsing the laser to find the most effective laser configuration for treating Hair Loss. The most common Laser Hair growth therapies now operate at a wavelength in the range 650-670nm, measuring how far the light needs to penetrate the scalp. 650nm is the accepted standard wavelengths approved by the FDA. Also, the more laser diodes or little lasers making up the laser, the better. Most state of the art hair loss lasers have 110 – 160 laser diodes.


Laser Hair Therapy has been found to be useful not only in genetic Hair Loss, but in Hair Loss due to medical conditions such as prescription drug use, or chemotherapy and can clear up scaly, itchy scalp as well.


Even though laser hair therapy is common among people, success of Laser Hair Therapy differs from person to person, as does the patterns of Hair Loss. Each person will achieve his or her own results from voluminous to minimal. Laser Hair Therapy results will depend on how far advanced the occurrence of hair loss is but most studies show well over 90% regrow their hair. One thing for sure, those with thinning hair will minimally find that it halts, or prevents further hair loss. And there will be those who will find that it not only halts, but actually grows back most of the hair that has been lost.


It may seem strange to hear about a laser being used for Hair Regrowth, but this type of Hair Loss Treatment has been around for some time and was discovered accidentally by a scientist in Hungary in 1967. Forty years later and after hundreds of clinical trials Laser Hair Therapy Treatment has now been proven as an effective hair loss treatment by many scientific studies. In 1982 a report was published called “The Growth of Hair Under Laser Influence of the HE-NE Beam”. In the study, patients with Alopecia Areata responded with positive results after only 6 to 8 twice-weekly treatments.


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