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Symptomatic (reactive) Coming Out Of Hair

Nine times out of ten people complain of hair loss at the trichologist’s, such a doctor, who specializes in treatment of hair. Now it is really one of the most widespread problems connected with aesthetics of look. In this article we turn your attention to the so-called symptomatic, or reactive, hair loss, it is not alopecia.

This type of hair loss is named symptomatic, because it is always connected with influence of one, or even complex of adverse factors. Depending on a reason of the problem trichologists say about various types of hair loss and choose different ways of correction. Nobody can avoid seasonal coming out of hair. Many people do not notice that in autumn and in spring hair has not only worse look, but also actively leaves their heads. The reason is simple – during low season period an organism is forced to adapt to changed weather conditions, and it needs all its forces. That’s why all exacerbations fall on spring and autumn.

Stressful situation is also one of the most frequent causes. It does not mean, of course, that coming out of hair can be the result of a quarrel with your wife or nervousness because of tanked match. Unfortunately, we are already used to name every emotion by the word “stress”. But stress is a serious test for nervous system, and for the whole organism, which is accompanied by vast ejection of biologically active substances and hormones, vessel constriction, tension of immune system, as a result of which delivery of nutrients to follicles of growing hair can be disturbed. Receiving less of nutrients, hair comes out, but this will not happen the day following, as it is possible to think, but only in two month.

Hair starts to come out after illness, during which you had a heat. If mercury column rose above 39 degrees, in 100 % of cases in a month you will start to lose hair. This is so because at the moment of such temperature rise, protein, which growing hairs need so much, coagulates. That’s why exactly young hairs, which come out, having plenty of life left, suffer from heat.

People, who have had a serious physical trauma, can notice coming out hair after a while. At the moment of an injuring situation in a human body the so-called heat shock proteins block small arteries and capillaries, and because of this hair roots have not enough nutrients. Apart from this, it is also a stressful situation.

Abortion can be a reason of symptomatic hair loss. If after this operation, you notice, that there are many hairs on a hairbrush, sudden changes in a hormonal background are to blame. Many processes in our organism depend on hormones, including a hair condition.

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