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The Hair Loss Process.

Process of loss and replacement of hair with the new ones occurs every day. As soon as bulb of hair becomes weak and separates from a nipple, hair starts to move slowly on a skin surface where there is its loss. Then other hair starts to be formed gradually round a nipple. If hair does not drop out, it means that nipples do not make new hair.

Each hair on a head grows for a month on the average on 1 – 1,5 cm and grows during 5 – 6 years. After that term hair has a rest within 3-6 months until new hair supersedes them.

The quantity of hair on a head of the person fluctuates from 100 thousand (at red) to 150 thousand at blondes. Daily we lose from 30 to 100 hairs. It doesn’t matter, if there is a small amount of hair on a hairbrush, it just those hair, which should drop out to release a place for the new. Similar loss is not the reason for anxiety. Business is worse if there is a whole bunch on a hairbrush after each combing.

To begin with it is necessary to understand, and whether correctly you look after the hair and what recommendations exist in this account. There is a branched out network of blood vessels on the hairy head parts. The hair nipple is that body in which metabolism process proceeds most actively. Speed of a metabolism is very great, and for its maintenance constant receipt of a considerable quantity of nutrients and oxygen is required. Nipples should be filled by blood to make the cages necessary for growth of hair. If there was a narrowing of the capillaries supplying a nipple by blood new hair will not grow. As a result nipples are exhausted, will atrophy and form only thing hair. Formation and hair growth directly depend on a good food of a nipple, and normal functioning of a nipple depends on how it is supplied with blood.

Numerous researches have shown that nipples are very viable and not so easily perish. The atrophy and inactivity of nipples is a temporary phenomenon in most cases. Nipples can be restored to life if to influence them by means of massage. Hair eats the blood arriving in a head skin.

Hair on a nape and on each side heads remain because blood arrives to these sites more actively. Besides, in these parts there are thin grease layers and muscles which interfere with compression of blood vessels. Temples and forehead contain thin enough fatty layers and have no muscular fibers. As a result of stress or pressure the skin sharply stretches that leads to narrowing of blood vessels and consequently blood starts to arrive badly to nipples.

The modern dermatologists consider that the hair fall occurs because of the spasm of hypodermic blood vessels caused by functional frustration of nervous system of the top department of a spinal cord. Antibiotics, diuretics, and also some hormonal preparations can render harmful action on your hair.

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