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The Main Reasons For Women’s Alopecia

Malnutrition. Your hair is in need of some nutrients for being healthy. Malnutrition and also too rigorous diets can lead to the lack of vitamins, minerals and microelements (iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus). Bad assimilation of it by an organism can be because of smoking and taking some drugs. Lack of these substances in an organism influences the condition of hair roots and can cause hair loss. Before putting yourself on next diet, think about consequences: because of diet organism receives less vitamins and minerals, as a result you will lose together with excess kilograms your absolutely not superfluous hair. Balanced feeding, when you get enough protein and iron is an important aspect in hair treatment. Low-fat chicken’s meat, beef and beans are very useful to it. Do not forget about polyvitamins.

Menopause. Female hormone estrogen increases a cycle of hair life, when man’s hormone androgen is reduced. There are both types of hormones in woman’s organism, but the quantity of an estrogen is more substantial. During the period of menopause estrogen level decreases, and androgen influence on this background becomes more appreciable: life of hair reduces, hair starts to come out. Hair loss in this case covers all surface of a head and progresses.

Childbirth. During pregnancy hormone estrogen stimulates cell reproduction in hair follicles and roots. Thanks to this, the cycle of hair life becomes longer. As a result, the number of hairs, which are in a growth phase, considerably increases. After delivery estrogen maintenance in an organism sharply decreases, and this negatively affects the hair growth. Hair life cycle becomes shorter; it can simultaneously start to come out in a considerable quantity. For some time hair loss will be a very serious problem.

Many people do not wear headdress in winter, forgetting that this can lead to disease of muscles of hair roots and because of this hair will start to become thinner.

But also don’t wear too tight hats, breaking blood circulation, access of air to hair and thus its nutrition.

Hairstyles which hardly tighten hair (tightly braided hair, ponytails), also lead to its loss. Do not part your hair at the same place during a long time; hair will become thinner at this place.

Do not arrange, comb or braid wet hair, because it is very fragile and can easily come out. For maintenance of hair health, comb it in the evening, softly massaging head skin: not less than 100 times pass your brash over your hair in a direction of its growth.

Struggle against depression which accompanies hair loss practically in all cases.

It is necessary to notice that it is impossible to stop hair loss only if hair care is wrong, or when activity of sebaceous and sudoriferous glands is disturbed, or when hair roots do not take enough nutrients. But if hair loss is connected with disease of all organism or its separate parts, it is necessary to address a doctor and to receive medical treatment.

Your hair requires care, as well as any other “part” of your body. Please read this review of provillus (hair regrowth treatment product).

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