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The Most Frequent Reason Of Men’s And Women’s Hair Loss Is The Genetic

The most frequent reason of men’s and women’s hair loss is the genetic one. Actually inherited reasons are nearly 95 % of all cases of alopecia. Other 5 % are connected with such reasons as wrong diet, stress and medicines.

Specific factors which can cause baldness:

There are medicines, vitamins and minerals: medicines against high blood pressure, heart diseases, depression and goiter, chemotherapy and radiation therapy for cancer carriers, unusually high level of vitamin A, and low level of iron and protein can cause it.

Alopecia can cause illnesses, such as thyroid pathology, heavy infections and flu, also some fungal infections and ringworm of scalp.

Women can grow bald after child’s birth, in connection with changes taking place in an organism. Sometimes, such condition as trichotillomania can be observed. Adults and children have overwhelming desire to pull out hair from a scalp, eyebrows and eyelashes.

Hair loss can be treated by transplantation or by microtransplantation for example.

Type of hair loss determines the most preferable variant of transplantation therapies.

The best candidate for replaceable therapy is a man with a male type of alopecia or a woman with fine hair, or those people, who lost some or all hair as a result of burns or other damages of a scalp.

Replacement of hair is not recommended to women with diffuse and widespread type of hair loss, and also to those, who have not enough donor places, or to people inclined to formation of keloidal scars, or having thick fibrous skin after burns and radiation injury.

Transplantation is an office procedure, which is performed in an office of surgeon dermatologist.

Microtransplant contains from one to two hairs each. Slit transplant contains from 4 to 10 hairs, and a punch one includes 10 or 15 of them. Local anesthetic is injected into a scalp. Sedative therapy for relaxation and comfort can be done, if it is necessary.

At the beginning, a surgeon dermatologist ablates disk-shaped part of a scalp from a back part of a head. Then s/he cuts it into pieces with various quantities of hairs, trying to attain “natural” look.

During every session, doctor transplants from 100 to 1000 hair segments. “Donor” places are sutured up and can be masked by hair. After transplantation procedure, scalp should be cleared and then headbanded.

For satisfactory result you need from three to four operations. After every such operation you need a break, duration of which will be from two to four months.

The majority of side effects after hair transplantation usually disappears after one – three weeks.

Usual side effects are swelling, effect of a black eye, there can also be a scab on places of intake and loss of sensitivity or allergic itch in these places.

Scalp reduction is a removal of grown bald parts of a scalp. The scalp reduction can close half of bald head.

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