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The Most Known Myths About Hair Loss.

Why we lose hair? To begin with define, whether there is a speech about the real hair fall or your hair have simply broken off. For this purpose stretch some the former hair between big and index fingers. You will feel at once, whether a hair bulb is incrassated of the dropped out hair. The real hair loss is when during enough long time drops out 100 and more hair in day (calculate in the mornings the dropped out hair). As the hair fall reason can serve heredity, the infectious diseases, some medicines, hormonal insufficiency or metabolism infringement.

It is considered that if the hair which is daily dropping out of a head is replaced not with normal hair, and a thin short down, baldness comes. In different degree it occurs almost at all men and women. The hair loss can have the various reasons. To the physical damages causing loss of hair, are related burns destroying hair follicles, skin diseases, like dermatitis, psoriasis or allergic reactions, the general diseases of type of a serious anemia, and also chemical pollution of an organism (for example, mercurialism).

The hair fall can also be caused by sincere stress. It occurs because growth of hair is connected with development of hormones, and it, in turn, is closely connected with an emotional condition of the person. Growth of hair renews, when the stress period remains behind.

In all cases set forth above hair is usually restored at illness treatment.
There are a lot of myths about hair loss.

Medical research of 4 years old girl suffering by a hair fall in a current of several weeks is described. “The hair fall is the important problem for millions American men and women, and they require the exact medical information for acceptance of well-founded decisions concerning treatment possibilities”, Alan J. Baumanhas told. Dr. Bauman is the leading expert in the USA of hair loss and which heard all spectrum of myths and hearings about a hair fall from hundreds men and the women addressing to him every year. According to Dr. Bauman, five most widespread myths about a hair fall exist:

Myth 1: the Hair fall can be predicted, having looked at the mother, the father.

The FACT: baldness is inherited, but this combination of genes is transferred from both lines of relationship parent and fatherly.

Myth 2: the hair fall stops after certain age.

The FACT: the hair fall is constant process which does not stop on any age.

Myth 3: the Special shampoos “cleaning” follicles of hair by means of what can be prevented hair loss.

The FACT: There are no scientific proofs of that follicles can actually “get littered and prevent growth of hair.

Myth 4: hat or helmet carrying can cause a hair fall.

The FACT: Headdresses have no influence on a hair fall. However, heavy wigs which fasten to the hair by means of a tape or glue can sometimes lead to loss of hair is called as traumatic baldness.

Now over 80 million American men and women, suffer from a hair fall, and they spend about 2 bln. dollars for treatment every year.

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