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The Principal Causes Of Hair Loss.

Having carried out the simple test for a hair fall, you found out, whether process of loss of your hair normal or the pathology takes place and accordingly treatment or special actions is required against a hair loss.

The hair loss, as well as growth of hair is the natural processes occurring at all without an exception of people, an organism changes the old died off cages for the new one. There is also a norm which makes 60-100 hair in day. If a hair loss is in norm, it is not necessary to worry, on a place of the dropped out hair the new will grow. But if the deviation from norm is great, it is necessary to reflect on treatment and carrying out of special actions against a hair fall.

Carry out the simple test for a hair loss, consider the dropped out hair.

If there is no dark sack on its tip, everything is all right. If there are, try not to wash three days a head, and then pull a bunch of hair on temples and on top. If each time when you make this experience, more than five hairsprings remain in a hand , it is necessary to recognize that the hair fall has a certain pathology and treatment is required, therefore leave while aside fashionable hairdressers and be engaged in health of hair. The most important in this case is to define the hair fall reason.

1. Hair loss because of a shortage of iron is in an organism. Besides, many modern diets result in an iron lack. Shortage signs: a pale skin, weakness, drowsiness, slackness. The usual analysis of blood can confirm or deny this reason of a hair fall . If this reason proves to be true, it is necessary to use more the products containing iron, or special additives.

2. A hair fall and a stress problem. You for certain noticed that it is necessary to be nervous, as hair problems begin. At individual stresses the hair fall quickly settles into shape, head skin vessels are quickly restored. But if such “training” goes constantly, vessels on a head are narrowed so that the hair fall accepts already chronic character.

3. The hair loss is often the result of various illnesses. Diseases of thyroid, an anemia, a diabetes, a pneumonia, increase in adrenal glands, venereal diseases outright influence quantity and quality of hair.

4. A hair fall as reaction to medicines. For today it is known such medicines more than hundred. These are contraceptives, tablets from a high pressure, diuretic, energizers, steroids and even aspirin. Look contra-indications to accepted medicines and if the hair fall is specified, consult to the doctor, than it is possible to replace it.

5. A hair fall because of casual handling. Painting, a wave, hair curlers, the hair dryer spoil hair and if you cannot refuse them then give to hair time for rest. Also are not recommended to wear constantly wigs, chignons, a false hair, hard plaits, and a hair parting in the same place. Even masks for hair can be the loss reason if the mask is picked up incorrectly or used not according to the instruction.

6. The hair fall often has traces of dietary additives. More often it is noticed with the additives containing selenium, and also imports grasses, in which there are a lot of heavy metals.

7. Often during a climax, the teenage period and pregnancy the hair fall is the result of surplus of testosterone – a man’s sexual hormone. In any case before to make the decision on any serious treatment of hair, especially a drug intake, I advise to talk to the expert in the field of hair.

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