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The Reasons Causing Hair Loss.

There are a lot of reasons of hair loss; process can result of some deviations in organism work. To set reasons of hair loss correctly it is possible only on foundation of gathering anmez, complaints of the patient and results of analyses.
The obvious reasons of hair loss demand more detailed consideration and studying, consultation of the trikholog is necessary here. Treatment of hair loss requires persistence from a patient, flexible going near application of complex methods from a doctor. Much depends on that, as far as in good time sick appealed to the doctor
Illnesses of hairs and illness of skin of hairy part of head differ. Hair loss is temporal (when in principle there is possibility at the removal of his reason and necessary treatment to return normal growth of hair) and stable, final.
As a rule, after a removal and proper treatment of primary cause, hair grows again. Sometimes such loss of hair is named a temporal hair loss. Among obvious reasons of hair loss, the followings select: at a strong irradiation, hair falls out during a few days or one week. In case if reason was strong stress or emotional shock, if a new formation, tumor presence in the organism, heavy chronic diseases, such as a diabetes, formation of stones in a bilious bubble.

But it does not explain the reason of hair loss at absolutely healthy men and women, with normal indicators on analyses.

Hair loss — abnormal or premature loss of hair — can be a consequence of the various reasons, including burns, scars and a radiating irradiation of a skin. Heavy infectious diseases, such as the scarlet fever, belly typhus, skin diseases, can cause hair loss too, but, as a rule, the passing. The most widespread type of hair loss is gradual loss of hair on a head, coming with the years at the majority of men. Thus rigid, dark, well appreciable hair is replaced with imperceptible thin down reminding hair on a head of babies. The most typical line such type is irreversibility and finality. Despite existing presentations, growth of hairs cannot be caused a hair-cutting or shaving, circulation without a head-dress or embrocating of restorative and medicinal facilities. Moreover, it is marked that hair loss more frequent meets at European, what for Mongols or Negroes.

By thirty years the majority of men have signs of hair loss which begins with high temples on the top. The line of hair on a forehead starts to recede back, there is a round bald stain on top, and gradually these two areas of hair loss merge. Speed of process can vary year by year. The long periods of a stable condition are in the middle age possible.

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