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The Traditional Treatments Against Alopecia

Before starting to treat alopecia, it is necessary to know the correct diagnosis. For this purpose a condition of follicles, hair and head skin must be defined on special equipment.

Today, experts have a lot of medical products against different types of alopecia. Oil structures have antiandrogenic properties and thanks to its penetrability help to transport medical substances in a head skin. That’s why many medical preparations against alopecia contain oil of avocado, jojoba, a red currant and wheat germs.

Also it was found out that vitamin В6 blocks action of hormones a little.

Medical products often have vegetative components such as stinging nettle, lucerne, vervain, and St. John’s wort, fruits of dwarf palm tree, soya and red clover.

Renovation of skin cells influences the hair growth a lot. Preparations, which contain lactic acid (ANA-ACIDS), exfoliate an epidermis, improve blood circulation and stimulate growth of new skin cells.

It is necessary to notice that prescription and taking of medical products should be carried out only under the control of experts.

If you have alopecia, your treatment should be complex. It includes general health-improving remedies, tempering, walks, vitaminotherapy (with the use of vitamins A, C, Е, РР and vitamins of B group), medicaments, physiotherapy, physical activities and special diet.

During hair loss or any other disease of scalp physiotherapeutic procedures which have general health-improving affect, improve a head skin trophy, increase blood circulation in vessels, accelerate growth of hair follicle are applied.

Medicamentous treatment gives best effect if it is combined with physiotherapy. Physiotherapeutic procedures concern: electrotherapy, phototherapy, ultrasonic influence, treatment by a cold, massage, etc.

The quantity and intensity of physiotherapeutic procedures should be defined by an expert very precisely, because it is possible not to get rid of problems, but, on the contrary, to strengthen it.

Electrostimulation proved itself to be a good remedy against androgenic alopecia, when inhibited follicles awake, and its occurrence in a growth phase is accelerated. Electrical equipment has current of various frequencies and also various methods of its influence on a skin are used.

For example, galvanization, this is using a current of a low frequency with medical purpose. During a session current from two electrodes passes on a vicious circle, and in that place where tissue absorbs electric energy are galvanic reactions; it generates warm, рН of environment changes, biologically active substances exude, exchange processes become more active, blood supply intensifies.

Electrophoresis is the most widespread type of galvanization, when medicaments are entered into a skin by influence of an electric current.

Thanks to simultaneous action of electric current and medicinal substances entered with its help on a tissue, this method has a number of advantages:
— medicaments entered into tissue keep their specific influence for a long time;
— There is a possibility of entering different medical products at once;
— even small doses of the entered medicines have rather active effect.

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