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There Is A Difference Between Two Alopecias. Types Of Alopecia

Two various types of alopecia can be discerned depending on whether the skin is involved in process: it can be cicatricial and non-cicatricial. Cicatricial alopecia is a result of hair follicles destruction, when a patient has some skin disease or injury. Non-cicatricial alopecia is not caused by skin lesion, and develops because of changes in the growth cycle of hair, depending on disturbance of hair follicles development.

It should be discerned from alopecia the congenital absence of hair caused by genetic anomalies; this disease is characterized by the situation when hair follicles in the limited areas or on the whole body are not formed. Agenesia pilorum is one of such cases. Alopecia got in early childhood should be discerned from atrichia (you need to do biopsy procedure for this): if there are hair follicles in the skin it is possible to find a suitable treatment.

Cicatricial alopecia can be treated surgically only. Many skin diseases lead to appearance of atrophic or hypertrophic scars: lupous tuberculosis, tertiary syphilis, leprosy and others granulomatosis, dermatomycosis, lichen ruber planus, lupus erythematosus etc.

Alopecia of newborns

During an intrauterine growth fetus’ scalp hair is in a phase of anagenesis, but during the first days after birth the most part of hair comes into a phase of catagenesis, coming out during several weeks, then new terminal and lanugo hairs become growing quickly. Neonatal alopecia is frequent in parietooccipital area.

Pregnant women’s alopecia.

This form of alopecia depends on hormonal shifts, which can be observed during pregnancy. Under the influence of pituitary hormones, adrenal glands, yellow body and placenta number of hairs in telogen decreases during II — III trimester of pregnancy. After childbirth the number of hairs in telogen quickly increases, making nearly 30 % of total quantity. Hair loss is the most intensive during the 3rd month after a childbirth, because the phase of telogenesis dues for nearly 3 months. Considerable hair loss is observed during combing or washing a head and can be in the area of scalp borders or in temporal region. Soon after loss of telogen hair, new hair grows and there is a renewal of normal hair without any treatment. Similar changes can be observed, if you take hormonal contraceptives.

Alopecia andro-genetica or Alopecia seborroica is the hair loss, which usually begins in occipitoparietal region, basically at s mature age, and men have it by 4 times more often, than women. It has family character, but profession also has its influence. Hair loss begins gradually when combing, washing a head or after seeping. Scalp starts to become bald. Telogen hair loses its shine and becomes dry and thin before loss.

Men predisposed to alopecia must begin treatment before the beginning of hair loss, at once after the termination of pubertal period. It is necessary to avoid factors which can accelerate process of its development, such as professional intoxications, sexual overfatigue ect.

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