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Treatment Of Alopecia

Treatment of alopecia demands systematic work and persistence from the patient, creative application of doctor’s complex methods. It depends to a large extent on how early a patient addressed a doctor.

Statistics shows that 30-35 % of twentysomething men faced the necessity of treatment of alopecia. Alopecia of man’s type (androgenic alopecia) is the most frequent form for men and comprises 95 % of all cases. Women have androgenic alopecia only in 5 % of all cases. The main form of female alopecia is a temporary hair loss, 95 % from all the examined people have it.

Alopecia can be temporary, when it is caused by some disease, when you become cured off normal growth of hair comes back.

Every hair loss type (androgenic alopecia, temporary hair loss and alopecia areata) needs special techniques of treatment and remedies.

Today, there is a whole arsenal of conservative and surgical methods, which bring some results, but success is relative. Among conservative methods of treatment of alopecia, which are successfully applied by dermatologists, it is possible to single out lotions, ointments, shampoos and vitamin cocktails for hair. It is possible to reduce or suspend temporary hair loss, strengthen it, and even to achieve temporary growth of new lanugo hairs (that is enough receiving in time payment for «unique service»).

Androgenic alopecia, or man’s alopecia, needs combined treatment including both conservative and surgical correction. Follicles located in occipital region of head, are protected anatomically from action of hormones, because it has no special neuroreceptors, that’s why follicles are active during all life. Hormonal activity does not any influence on hair of body, legs, hands, chin and, what is the most important thing, of an occipital part of a head. Grafting such follicles to any other part of body will not change their anatomy, and they will produce the same type of hair. The technology of hair transplantation is based on this fact.

Temporary alopecia can be treated by a combination of cosmetological and trichological treatments. Alopecia areata can be treated by conservative therapy.

Tardy visit to a doctor can negatively affect treatment process of alopecia. The patient waits, when hair loss will stop by itself. If it does not occur, a patient starts to use folk remedies against it. There are heaps of folk remedies and techniques of alternative medicine for treatment, but it can cause only cosmetic, but not medical effect. Most people address an expert, only when the problem is strongly expressed and, it is not important, what are the reasons of hair loss, it is very difficult to treat alopecia.

Even if your disease is in the final stage, it is quite possible to treat it today, but you will spend a lot of efforts and time. That’s why address a doctor after the occurrence of the first symptoms and start to treat them.

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