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Typical Problems With Hair

Universal alopecia or alopecia totalis. If somebody has this type of hair loss, his head becomes bald as a billiard ball, even lanugo hairs come out. Skin becomes polished and not flaking. Hair can come out not only on a head, but also everywhere: eyelashes, eyebrows, hair under arm can come out.

According to medic’s opinion, such alopecia is difficult to manage. The reason for universal alopecia is not found out. But psychical and nervous traumas are the ordinary reasons for it, and also head injuries and deficiency of vitamins and microelements in an organism.

Senile alopecia. Together with ageing of all body the skin also grows old, hair starts to come out, metabolism becomes upset, the number of working capillaries decreases, which leads to malnutrition of a skin, hypoderm becomes thin and because of this cast of features becomes harsher; the quantity of elastic fibers of a skin also decreases, and a skin becomes flabby; functions of hair follicles fail.

Modern science advances a few theories of ageing. The main theory is based on the opinion that ageing is programmed in genes of cells. In the course of time cells of our tissues gradually become obstructed with intermediate products of oxidation. Scientists concluded that these by-products of oxidation blast fibers of cells.

However, it is possible to slow down oxidation process by such substances as antioxidants. One of such substances is vitamin E (tocopherol). That’s why doctors place emphasis on vitamin E as a weapon against senile alopecia. Fitted medicines will help to make structure of hair better.

Process of loss and replacement of hairs with the new ones occurs every day. This is an original cycle of hair life.

As soon as bulb becomes enfeebled also detached from papilla, hair starts to move and then comes out. Then new hair starts to be formed. There is a replacement of old hair by new. If hair does not come out, it means that papillae do not make new hair.

Every hair on a head becomes longer by 1-1,5 cm during a month and grows during 3-6 years. Then hairs are at rest during 3-4 months until new hair supplants them. According to scientists, on a head of able-bodied person, much more hairs grow, than there are at rest or come out.

The number of hairs on a head of the person varies from 100 thousand (red-haireds) to 150 thousand (blondes). Daily we lose from 30 to 100 hairs.

We don’t want you to doubt, if several hairs are on your hairbrush, there are hairs, which should come out leaving a place for the new ones. Such loss is not the reason for anxiety. Things came to a sorry pass if after every combing there is a whole bunch of hair on a hairbrush.

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