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Use An Autotransplantation For Recovering Hair Health

Autotransplantation can be done according to indications in case of androgenic, cicatrix or androgenetic alopecia.

Initiator of performing such operations is Norman Orentreich, who developed and defended the so-called theory of donor dominant, proving scientifically that hair follicles keep genetic information after their transplantation to the frontoparietal zone from occiput, where it can take root.

Method of transplantation, when donor’s skin flap is chopped on small grafts, containing 1-3 follicles, the so-called microtransplants, is fine-tuned now. This operation is usually performed by a laser.

For patient this procedure is something between going to see a dentist and a hairdresser: a person sits in a convenient armchair and watches TV. Technically hair transplantation is an operation, during which a doctor excises skin flap with fatty tissue and follicles from occipital region of head. Then assistants do really jeweler work, separating each follicle from this flap and replacing it, as a plant, in a skin, which is losing hair. Actually, hair, which doctor transplants has the same function, as a handle of cup, it is convenient to hold on to hair, during grafting. Then it comes out, and on its place from the replaced root grows new hair, which has the same functional abilities as it had before transplantation. Sometimes after this procedure in this zone there will be an edema and reddening. This unpleasantness lasts no longer than a week. However, there are newest rehabilitation techniques, which annihilate symptoms on the 2nd – 3rd day.

Usually, a trichologist replaces 300–1500 grafts. The number of grafts depends on the degree of alopecia. First hairs will grow after 3-4 months. You will notice engraftment of 90-95 % of hairs, which continue to develop in a new zone.

The same method is used for the restoration of eyebrows, which were lost for any reasons. There is just one inconvenience of such method: eyebrows grow, as usual hair on a head, and that’s why you must cut it regularly.

Method of microflap grafting is very popular now. A doctor excises skin flap from occipital donor region, this flap has a length of horizontal size of bald place and is 1-2 follicles wide. He replaces this transplant in the frontoparietal region. Advantage of this method is in guarantee, that direction and angle of hair growth will be the same. The simplicity of operation is also an advantage.

There also exists the so-called «Punch method», this is a sutureless method of taking hair follicles. Extraction of hair follicles is made by special tool under the control of optics, without cutting a skin. So, special feature of this method is absence of scars in a donor zone. Alete method or «Punch method» allows to share transplanted hairs in regular intervals in problem places on a head and get natural result.

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