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What Can Food Do To Prevent Hair Loss?

Set of factors can cause hair loss and solution of this problem should be complex.
But first of all it is necessary to peep into your refrigerator, most likely, one of the reasons of your hair loss is there.

First of all, hair needs protein, because formation of new cells is impossible without it. Lack of it leads to delay of hair growth, and in some months its loss will begin. For maintaining a healthy look and growth of hair you should create such a diet according to which no less than 15 per cent of all calories which you consume per day, will give protein food, i.e. low-fat meat, chicken meat, fish, dairy products, eggs etc.

For example, beef contains much zinc, iron and protein. Zinc and iron strengthen hair follicles, and protein protects hair from injurious effect of the environment.

Eggs are a source of protein and fount of magnesium and selenium which are responsible for stable growth of hair and nails. However, do not be carried away by eggs, two-three eggs per day are quite enough.

Chick-pea has enough zinc and vitamin B6, which have an impact on hair thickness. This product does not lose its healing properties even after broiling.
Milk is rich with iodine, which is a substance positively affecting health and hair looks, and also benefiting skin and nails.

Cutlass fish is a product, which is also rich with zinc and proteins. Another favourable property is the saturated fats omega-3, useful to cardiovascular system.
Almonds are rich with zinc and vitamin E, which makes hair thick and resistant to damages. Moreover, almonds reduce quantity of cholesterol contained in blood.

Carbohydrates are also important components. But not all, only wholesome carbohydrates, which stimulate growth of tissues, including growth of hair are needed. Fresh fruits, vegetables, cereals and brown rice contain useful carbohydrates, for example, sugar and flour do not have useful carbohydrates.

Oranges are a source of vitamin C playing the key role in assimilation of iron, which meat contains. Besides this, vitamin C participates in development of collagen which is necessary for successful growth of hair.
Pay attention to form and quantity of products, which you eat. It is better to exclude semi-finished products from the diet and prefer natural or uncooked products. Try to make your diet various and balanced.

Do not forget that various stresses and overloads have an influence on the hair looks, spoiling a process of vitamins and minerals digestion by the organism. Besides, it is not a secret that now vegetables and fruit contain less useful substances, than they did earlier. So, vitamin complexes should become your weapon in struggle against a hair loss.

Such vitamins and minerals as vitamin A and В6, magnesium, iodine and phosphorus can stop hair loss and to stimulate growth of new hair.

Your hair need care, as much as any other “part” of your organism. Please read this review of provillus (hair loss treatment product).

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