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What Food Does Your Hair Need?

Hair by 70 % consists of protein, that’s why its lack is noticeable. The main source of proteins is a chicken meat. It was not without reason that sick men always ate chicken broth.

The cock was under the auspices of god of medicine in ancient Greece. An alternative is some low-fat meat, fish, eggs and cheese.

Rolled oats contain protein, clear the body from chemical waste and absorb harmful substances. It is not necessary to cool oats … it is better to soak 2 spoons of oats with cold water, and to add a spoon of honey after 5-10 minutes, 200gr of fresh berries and 2 spoons of crushed nuts.

You can also drink an oatmeal tincture (cover one glass of oats with 1 litre of water, wait for 12 hours, filter it) one cup per day. Alternative is a cream of wheat.

Ancient Lithuanian proverb says «who drinks beer, lives a hundred years ». Beer is a source of vitamins В3 and В1 which are responsible for hair pigmentation and its lack in an organism leads to an early grey hair, beer also contains vitamin В10 which regulates hair growth. There are also such alternative products as egg yolk, rice and wheaten bran.

Fresh vegetables are rich with cellulose, contain minerals and vitamins. Vitamin A, which is in carrots, green vegetables and hips, makes hair stronger. Vitamin E (sweet pepper has it) favours hair reconstruction.

Even our grandmothers rubbed olive oil in roots of hair, for us it is also useful. There is a big maintenance of keratin in it.

Take vegetative and sea-buckthorn oils 1: 9 and rub this mix in a head, wear shower cap and wait during l hour, then wash off.

There is also an alternative: use graham bread and sunflower seeds, which are not fried.

French king Louis XIII, whose spouse sends musketeer for pendants, adored to potter about in his garden and to grow up green peas. His favorite dish was a chicken with peas and a cauliflower under lemon sauce.

It is not a proved fact, that he had good luxurious hair, after all it was under a wig, but it is most likely that there were no problems with it. After all peas have a lot of useful substances and vitamins (even if it is preserved) such as vitamin C, В1, it has also calcium and iron. As an alternative use milk and potato.

The Frenchman name spinach «a broom for a stomach» ….it clears an organism of chemical waste and toxins.

It has a lot of folic acid, lack of which badly affect hair growth. Spinach is rich in iron, potassium, magnesium and iodine. So, it is very good for health.

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