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What Treatment You Need, If You Have Alopecia

Today huge number of men, and also women are interested in the question: how to treat alopecia. And if earlier alopecia was considered as an incurable disease, now in epoch of high development of medicine, treatment of alopecia is not a pipe dream. But in every specific case on a question how to struggle against alopecia, only the expert can answer you.

There are a lot of reasons of hair loss beginning, and in every special case many factors are involved, there is a whole complex, including genetic reasons. Of course, it is impossible to inherit alopecia, as it is impossible to inherit diabetes or cancer. Only susceptibility to it, accruing to other reasons, external or internal, can be genetically passed on, and lead to development of alopecia. So, if you want to achieve a victory over alopecia, it is necessary to identify the reason of this illness and then to understand, how to fight against it. Before beginning to treat it, the highly skilled doctor will do detailed examination of patients, in which other experts will also take part: endocrinologist, therapist, dermatologist, and even gynecologist for women. For defining an optimum method of treatment of alopecia you need to do special trichological examination which will show what problems there are in a follicle and also under a head skin. In every specific case you must do this.

When somebody comes to a trichologist, he is interested, as a rule, in two questions: is it possible to stop alopecia and will hair be restored after it. It is necessary to understand that in any clinic you will not get an answer to this question before examination. Depending on the type of alopecia and ways of its treatment sometimes process of hair loss can be stopped, sometimes it can be slowed down, but in other cases unique medicine against alopecia is transplantation of hair. So, nobody can tell you about prospects of hair loss treatment before full examination and choosing a way of this treatment.
In Ancient Egypt Pharaohs thought that it is good to rub in a head skin mix of honey, red pepper, and fat of lion, hippopotamus, crocodile and goose. Taking into account that Pharaohs wore wigs, such recipes were not so effective. But pepper and other burning infusions are very known recipes against alopecia, which stimulate blood supply of a head skin and sometimes really help. Many modernized traditional recipes against alopecia, and even traditional recipes without special changes, removed to an arsenal of modern trichology, however stories about someone, who cured total alopecia using pepper only are the same myth, as well as miracle properties of hippopotamus’s fat. Alopecia treatment must be complex and include not only activators of hair growth but also means of struggle against its original cause.

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