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Why Does My Hair Come Out? What Really Causes Alopecia?

Destiny often plays a low-down trick on a person. One of such unpleasant tricks is premature alopecia. Considering premature alopecia we mean hair loss at the age from 18 – 40 years.

We know for certain that such people as athletes, known politicians, actors can fell into a deep depression having problems with hair. Young men growing bald at early age think that, if you are 20 and already have alopecia, no normal girl will keep an appointment. They also think that it is easier to endure alopecia at 30 years when at least, you have a wife, children and good job.

There are, of course, explicit reasons of alopecia, but, as a rule, they are related to some original causes. It can be observed because of:
• strong irradiation, hair comes out in a few days;
• strong emotional shock, stress;
• benign tumor or malignant growth;
• heavy chronic diseases, such as diabetes or presence of hepatoliths;
• ablation of some digestive organs, because an organism can’t independently synthesise vitamins and minerals, which are necessary for creating new good hair any more;
• burn or mechanical damage of a scalp.

As a rule, after treatment this cause hair starts growing again. Such hair loss is called temporary alopecia. But why does hair come out even if its owner is healthy?

Hair loss can begin at the age of puberty. From this period forward and till the old age the majority of people face the problem of hair loss. Because of affixment of hair loss and sexual system rouse scientists to search for a solution in hormones. Scientists found out that in blood of growing bald people dihydrotestosterone is contained. This hormone is produced by enzyme which is in an organism of everyone; it is called 5-alpha-reductase. Raw material for dihydrotestosterone is testosterone, man’s sexual hormone, which is contained in man’s sperm. Women also have testosterone, but in smaller quantity. It explains the fact that women grow bald much less often than men do. If the level of testosterone rises, which is connected with derangement of a hormonal background, women can get such a secondary sexual characteristics as little moustache, gruff voice, increase of hair growth on the hands and legs.

It is logical to ask, why hair comes out only on a head, why eyebrows, moustache, hair on the legs or hands does not come out. Unfortunately, the answer is deplorable. Follicles on a head are very frail by their nature. It is connected with its anatomic location. They are very highly, and there is no good sanguimotion in this area. Blood, overcoming terrestrial attraction, should deliver to follicles nutrients (vitamins and minerals) necessary for a creation of new hair. In case of active hair loss blood brings to follicles a dihydrotestosterone too. Androgenic receptors of follicle absorb it, accelerating destruction of hair. A follicle, stricken by dihydrotestosterone, throws out a hair, i.e. hair comes out. Next hair will live even less than the previous one, because some negative changes began in a follicle and it cannot create healthy hair any more. Process will continue until follicle is lost, sometimes it is possible to meet such terms as “going into hibernation” or “sleepy” follicles. Such follicle can never create a hair, that’s why sooner or later you will have bald head, if you do nothing.

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