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Why does Women’s Hair Loss Happen?

It’s true: the numbers of women who experience hair loss is about the same as men. In fact, there are more things that have an effect on women’s hair loss than there are that affect whether or not a man loses his hair. So what could all those reasons be for this experience with women? And what can prevent this in women? Is it surprising to hear that hair loss happens so much in women and for many reasons? We’ll talk about the many reasosn women suffer from this debilitating condition.

There are a various medical procedures involving treatment for cancer that can produce this effect in women. The primary treatment that causes this is chemotherapy. Women who are in this group can easily find more than enough information and support for their hair loss. There are even charities that are devoted to helping women find wigs that are made out of real hair so that they can look as “natural” as possible while they wait for their hair to start growing back on its own.

It’s no wonder with all the incredible changes occurring during pregnancy that a woman’s hair is also greatly affected. The change is different for women, for some there’s an increase in the rate of growth, and for others there’s some loss of hair. After childbirth, the hair will begin to shed pretty fast for the women who experienced more hair growth.

Obviously, mothers experiencing pregnancy for the first time may be a bit alarmed with this. However once the body chemistry and hormones return to normal then things will settle down with the hair. All you need to do is be patient and try not to freak out too much.

Unfortunately, genetic influence is a major leading reason for hair loss in women. Your family doctor can help you with more information in this regard, but we’re talking about an estimate of your chances for having hair loss. This is hard for many women to accept because it is one of the few causes of women’s hair loss that they can do nothing about. It is hard to give up that control over something that causes you so much embarrassment. Perhaps the only option for most women is they have to hide and conceal the hair loss. You might want to buy a hair loss brush to help your hair grow. There is no doubt that women’s hair loss is not viewed in the same way as it is for men. The sad part is that the same numbers of women have hair loss as do men. There are so many conditions and causes for hair loss in females. But we wanted to discuss some of the more commonly seen reasons.

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