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Women’s Alopecia: What To Do, If You Are Growing Bald

You are a beauty, but your hair becomes thinner, duller and not so good-looking as earlier. Why? It’s primarily the effect of different feminine problems. For example, a woman practises safe sex and uses hormonal preparations to avoid unwanted pregnancies and while she takes it, everything is wonderful: her hair is good, thick and beautiful. But after some time she wants to become pregnant, of course, she discontinues the use of hormonal contraceptives and gets alopecia. The reason is hormonal, and such alopecia will stop by itself. You must remember, that situation can be absolutely different, if a woman takes hormones without consulting a doctor. Hair can start to come out too, but the reason will be different and only a good expert cans understand and eliminate it.

Women can also have more serious reasons of alopecia, for example, such reasons as polycystic ovary or asiderotic anemia. In this case only treatment of cause will help you to get out of alopecia.

Woman can start to grow bald because of a number of reasons. They are as follows: irrationally created diet and its sharp termination, lack of some vitamins and microelements (in particular lack of zinc), frequent use of hairdryer, unsuccessful or frequent chemical waves etc. dyeing of hair can become a reason of alopecia, if you use bad hair dye or contravene rules of dyeing.

Occupational poisonings and different intoxications are often the reason of alopecia. We say about contacts with such preparations as chloroprene, boric sodium, thallium, arsenic, mercury, or taking some drugs. Chemotherapy often leads to alopecia, you can get X-ray alopecia, medicinal alopecia can begin after taking antibiotics, antidepressants, antiherpetics and anticonvulsants, which are harmless only at first sight.

In this case a natural question arouses: what to do? The answer is also natural: you must go to an expert-trichologist. Doctor will do all examinations, which you need, will find out the reason of alopecia and will create an optimum scheme of treatment. Usually, it includes struggle against the cause of illness and simultaneously the procedures for growing hair and making its look better.

The easiest technique for an assessment of the degree of alopecia, is the test, doing which a doctor gingerly tugs at hair. Nearly sixty hairs are griped between thumb, index and middle fingers. Then he tugs at your hair gingerly, but intentionally. The result of test is negative, if he pulled out six or less hairs, and shows normal hair loss and the result is positive, if there are more than six hairs, which are pulled out by doctor. Patient should not wash his hair before test at least during 24 hours. Then a trichologist can prescribe such laboratory analyses as biopsy etc.

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