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Women Hair Loss Treatment

Women Hair Loss Treatment History

It’s a well known and an almost accepted fact that men begin to lose hair sometime during their adult life. Women have hair loss issues as well. Over forty percent of the Americans who have hair loss issues are women, but somehow society overlooks that fact and women are left to deal with the devastating emotional and self image complications alone and they find themselves suffering in silence. Doctor’s don’t pay much attention to women who are losing their hair, so women hair loss treatments have been almost non-existent until recently. Losing hair is not a life threatening scenario, so women who do complain about the problem get answers like, “You just have to deal with it, or it’s no big deal.”

Hair loss in women is serious and it’s a life changing experience. The psychological damage, as well as the stress related to hair loss, has a dramatic affect on women. Eventually other health conditions surface that must be treated and in a lot of cases the original problem that resulted in hair loss may go undetected, which can create a huge medical fiasco for the hair loss patient. The primary medical task is to identify the psychological cause that is creating an imbalance in the physiological make up of the patient and begin an effective women hair loss treatment that deals with the cause, as well as the effect. Women can experience temporary hair loss or long lasting loss, so it’s important to find the cause as quickly as possible, so the hair loss is not long lasting.

Even though female hair loss is still misunderstood, several factors have been identified as the villains that initiate hair loss. Women may create an enzyme imbalance that acts as hormone blocker, which means the bloodstream is not providing enough energy in the form of vitamins and minerals to hair follicles and the result is the follicles go into a dormant state or they completely close and no growth is possible. The lack of B vitamins and amino acids like Para-Amino Benzoic Acid (PABA), which circulate in the bloodstream are not available to the follicles and hair begins to fall out. One women hair loss treatment that focuses on supplying the body with all-natural supplements that increase the amount of depleted minerals and vitamins is Sephren.

Why is Sephren such a Good Women Hair Loss Treatment?

Sephren is an excellent women hair loss treatment product, because it contains all natural ingredients that will stimulate the body to do what it does naturally. Sephren not only contains Biotin, B6, Magnesium oxide and PABA, it also contains Horsetail Silica, as well as antioxidants, so the follicles are stimulated. Sephren understands that in order for any women hair loss treatment to function it needs minerals plus skin conditioning and moisturizing properties. Sephren contains amino acids, which are the fuel that’s needed to help the pituitary gland produce more Human Growth Hormone, which activates hair follicles. Sephren is the women’s hair loss treatment that works because of its all natural active ingredients. Sephren is the women’s hair loss treatment that restores confidence by activating dormant hair follicles, so hair can grow naturally.

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