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You Are Within A Hairbreadth Of Bald Head. What Are The Reasons?

Hair of the person is a mirror of his health. Hear is very sensitive to various changes in an organism and signals about “malfunctions” in the organism. And passing over this signs on hair is the height of imprudence.

For example, hair comes out. Why? We do not try to answer this question, starting to buy different shampoos and waiting for a miracle. For truth’s sake, we can tell you, that it sometimes comes true. But more often it will not happen. If you want your hair become as beautiful as it was earlier, it is necessary to treat not the consequence, but the reason, which only an expert-trichologist can define.

So, why does hair come out? If you have no genetically caused androgenic alopecia or circumscribed alopecia, if hair comes out on all head, you have diffuse alopecia. Diffuse alopecia is that case when the mirror of our health shows our diseases.

What are the reasons of diffuse alopecia? More often diffuse alopecia is the consequence of stresses, some endocrine diseases, or taking some medicines.

Neurotic alopecia is a very frequent phenomenon. Not only short strong stresses can cause neurotic alopecia, but also less intensive and long. It often seems to us that non-stabilized situation in a family or on work is only “the seamy side of life”, which everyone has. Actually, organism reacts to this “prose”, as well as to any stress. Continued stress causes different reactions like muscular pains and neurotic alopecia. Women have neurotic alopecia more often, than men, because women, being more emotional, than men, try to endure stressful situation longer hoping that «everything will be all right sometimes».

Another reason for appearance of diffuse alopecia is a hormonal disorder. Those people, who have encephalopathy, often have alopecia as well. One of the symptoms of a thyroid gland dysfunction is alopecia. In this case, hypothyroidism can cause it because of a high level of thyroid-stimulating hormone. In any case before treating alopecia, try to eliminate its reason, so, don’t be surprised when having come to a trichological clinic, you are sent to an endocrinologist.

It is necessary to tell separately about alopecia and hormonal failure, which women have. The trouble is that female hormonal changes are capable of affecting their hair without illnesses. Alopecia and pregnancy do not seem to be connected, because alopecia is an illness, and pregnancy is a normal physiological body state. Nevertheless, young mums often get alopecia after pregnancy. When a woman is expecting her organism, preparing for the childbirth, develops a raised quantity of estrogen, that’s why hair becomes thick and does not generally come out. But after labour the quantity of this hormone sharply decreases and causes alopecia.
However, such women’s endocrine alopecia does not need to be treated, as a rule, illness passes, when hormonal background becomes stabilized, and in one year after childbirth mother can brag of beauty of her hair.

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