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20 Things To Expect When You Get Unemployed!

Unemployment rate rose to 9.7 percent, in August 2009, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Millions of jobs lost, which hasn’t been seen since 1983.

If you have are a victim to the worst economy in years, and are unemployed, then you should expect some not so favorable circumstances, like unending job search. When I was unemployed, from my primary source of income, due to a hostile “corporate takeover”, my life turned into spiraling vortex of panic and anxiety. Confusion, stress, and no money leave a person scrambling for some type of job security.

After the ordeal, I decided to tell others, what to expect and what to prepare for. Here’s a list of all the negative actions and reactions hundreds of other unemployed workers are experiencing right now…

1) Fear – Anxiety – Confusion: Once you lose you job or your contract runs out (if you’re a contractor), then fear comes in and suddenly you realize you will have no income coming in. Anxiety will follow by wondering how your going to pay the bills, feed the kids and even buy gas to find other work.
2) Bills Keep Piling Up: It never fails, once you feel like you’re getting ahead, and then BAM! Your whole world turns upside down and you still have bills to pay. Utilities. Cable. Cell Phone. Food.
3) Bill Collectors Start Calling Morning, Noon And Night: Are you a day or a week late on your bills? You can expect a automated phone call from who ever you own and it will continue until you either work something out with them or they’re paid in full.
4) Threading Letters or “Nasty Grams”: Start filling up your mailbox. It’s inevitable. They will threaten you with legal action; if you don’t make a payment, (that’s so big), you couldn’t pay it, if you wanted too.
5) Extra Services Will Be Eliminated: Paying over $100 for cable TV and the Internet access? You’ll probably cut your cable bill down to basic cable and limited Internet access. Other extra stuff you like to do, like going out to eat, will probably be cut out completely, until you can find other job.
6) Your Utilities Will Possibly Be Disconnect: You need electric, water and cable, but if there’s no income then coming up with a high electric bill can be a major challenge.
7) Prioritizing Your Bills: You’ll get to the point where you’ll have to decide, which bill you’re going to pay, with what little money you do have. You get to know all the due dates, of your bills, so you can stretch your money between due dates.
8) Waiting In Long Lines At the Unemployment Office: With so many people unemployed at once, is causing unprecedented waiting lines and a mountain of paper work to fill out and it has to be perfect or you’ll be waiting…even longer.
9) Your Credit Cards Will Go Into Default: The last thing most people are going to pay is their credit card bills. Therefore, your credit cards will go into default and given to a bill collector to try a recover the debt using harassment techniques.
10) Your Credit Rating Will Plummet: If you had a 675 Credit score, you will drastically go from very good to poor in a short amount of time. Since, the credit companies check everything, from being a day late, to under paying your bill, it will effect your credit.
11) Repossession Of Secured Property: You may wake up one morning and find your car or SUV is no longer in the driveway. If you’re lucky, the tow company will leave you a note, to where to pick it up, after payment is made.
12) You May Face Foreclosure: Thousands upon thousands of home have being foreclosed, leaving people, virtually homeless. You may have to rent a smaller apartment and/or move in with family.
13) Judgments Will Begin To Happen: After a long period of time and not paying certain bills, via the bill collectors, then they will go to the next extreme and serve you with a judgement, that states you must pay the money you owe and even go to court.
14) You’ll Have To Swallow Your Pride: You may have to do “menial jobs”, just to feed your family. Jobs like deliver pizzas, work at retail store, flip burgers, or wash dishes. The pie-in-the-sky jobs are not there, unless you have inside information.
15) Asking Your Friends And Family For Money: For some, it’s nothing but thing to ask for cash from a relative or friend, but for others, it one of the most humiliating experiences a breadwinner can do. If you want to keep the lights on or the mortgage paid, then you’ll do it.
16) You May Have To Do Yards Sales, E-bay, Craigslist: Selling your stuff is the next option to keep your bills paid. Sometimes having a yard sale will help pay for an electric bill or prescription bill.
17) Your Healthcare Policy Lapses: Once your employer kicks you to the curb, then your health benefits goes with it. This could means paying an enormous amount of for pills and doctors care.
18) Moving In With Family: Depending how drastic the situation is, your family may have to back with your parents or other siblings. Too close for comfort.
19) Your Self Esteem Takes A Huge Blow: Having a job meant security, (even if it is false), but no having a job, is a big loss, especially, when you’re looking for another one and you get passed on. Could lead to depression.
20) Bankruptcy Possible: If you have medical bills, house bills, credit card bills, judgements and repossessions, then you may have to file Chapter 7 to get out of all that debt, that you have no, way of paying.

That’s just a quick list of things that are happening to people everywhere, probably, your neighbors. I didn’t even mention, the other emotional trauma that comes with losing your income, but these are the major issues, you must face, if a job do not come your way, anytime soon.

However, there is hope. You can check out my blog ( ) for a free income recovery resource guide that can give you a head start, in finding your next job.

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David DeCantillon, Senior Editor Of Get A Clue Blog And Author Of Varies E-books, Websites And Involved With Helping People Get Back On Their Feet.

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