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A Blind Libyan And a Basket Of Eyes

The simple logic says , that the wise man when shares at a work with a certain value , for helping to build his society , the wise man will ask his society for a wage for that work , must be equal for the work value , and will not accept a wage more than that .

That is about the wise man , but here in Libya , a group was finding inside the Libyan society , which has no work except destroying this society , and the unusual thing , that we find that the man of these group wakes every day at dawn taken with him a pack of files , to start his jogging between offices , of the Libyan state , from east to west and north to south , asking about his share’s from the society wealth , which he has no simple hand for making it .

When we use our last simple logic , will find that the man of that group is not a wise man , and we can say about him that he is a mental sick , and needs somebody to help him to get rid of that sickness .

After I study this mental sickness which spread in this group of society , which exist everywhere , from bottom to top , I remembered a folk story , My mother used to tell which says :

( Somebody asked a blind Libyan , was living since some centuries ,” What he wants from life ? ” , his Answer was, in a hurry and clear , that he wants a basket of Eyes ) .

After I remembered that folk story , we can say that it is possible ,the blind may be the grandfather of the man mind of that present group Libyan society .

However the blind of these days , when you find him walking at the Libyan streets , and has no walking stick , carrying these files , and ask him ” What he want from Life ? ” , his answer will not be like his last grandfather , that he only wants a basket of Eyes , but he also want a modern car , a driver , a house , a lot of money , and , and , and , and , …….

When he leave you at that street , you hear his shouting after he fall down in one of the plumber holes , which are too much in Libya these days , forgetting that if his answer was only a simple walking stick , to help him in walking at the streets of this country , he will survive from drowning in the plumber hole , and make all his dreams .

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Abdulrazig Almansori April 3, 2009 Tobruk Libya

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